Reasons to Choose Evince Development as Your IT Partner

The right technology partnership can play a key role in taking your business forward. On the other hand, a wrong kind of partnership may prove to be disappointing where you end up paying huge amounts but without the desired result. So if you have the plan to get that perfect enterprise platform, it’s very important that you find someone whom you know and trust.

Evince Development Pvt. Ltd., a leading offshore software development company has come up with its unique bouquet of services, with the promise to deliver growth consistently. We are the trusted IT boutique shop that can guide your company towards complete digital transformation. However, before choosing us as your long-term technology partner, it is important to know how and why the partnership will remain beneficial for you.

Evince – Outshines with Strong Online Presence and Acclamation

As we are having outstanding Client reviews 4.9/5 on Clutch, a research firm that reviews top design and development companies. Such acclamation has helped establish our integrity and consistency in the market. We have a significant online presence across all channels, reaching which you can read everything about Evince, its work culture, achievements, and employee engagement activities.

Evince – What We Stand For

Evince Development Pvt. Ltd, established in 2012, offers comprehensive IT services encompassing enterprise application development, Microsoft services, mobility solution, e-commerce solution, UI & UX services, IT consulting, Cloud services, Data migration and a lot more. We are powered by intelligence and driven by values to deliver growth consistent with our innovative and feasible IT solutions. Empowered by the state-of-the-art infrastructure and highly dedicated team of 70+ professionals we have built up a strong foundation to help businesses grow faster and to make lives better.

Why Choose Evince as Your IT Partner – Know the Reasons

  1. Ethical and Realistic Approach

If you have worked with IT companies that can neither promise realistically nor deliver timely, then the Evince’s realistic approach will surely surprise you. We excel in time management as we know the value of time. Once a project is taken, we stick to the deadline and quality always.

2. Flexibility and Adaptability

We know each industry is different so is each organization. As a competent offshore software development company, we can effortlessly adapt ourselves to different work cultures, time zone differences, problem sets, and processes.

3. Exceptional Knowledge about Latest Technology

We know how to leverage modern technology to turn your ‘low-tech’ small business platform into a ‘high-tech’ one! Whenever a new technology invades the market, our team embraces it fast and applies it efficiently.

4. Top-notch Service and Worldwide Recognition

We have earned international acclaim as a leading Asp.Net Development Company and eCommerce Solution Provider because of quality work, quick turnaround, and prompt customer. We keep customers informed about each stage and extend prompt support even after completion of the project. If you want to work with a technology partner that has won rave reviews and recognition, then Evince is the name you can trust.

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5. Experience Across Multiple Industries

We cater to varying client requirements across multiple business domains like logistics, transport, retail, education, banking and finance, travel and hospitality, government & public sector, healthcare and much more.

6. Teamwork and go-getter attitude

We never take ‘no’ or ‘impossible’ for an answer. We believe in teamwork and equal sharing of responsibility. No matter how challenging the project might sound we encourage team members to come out of their comfort zone to deliver the best. We work out the formula of success for each client by seamlessly transforming client needs into convenient and cost-effective solutions.

7. Best Infrastructure

We have the most modern infrastructure with a high-performance workstation, high-speed secured network, licensed software, antivirus protection, biometric access, comfortable sitting arrangement, and many more such facilities.

8. Affordable pricing and customized package

Compare our pricing with any reputable ASP.Net Development Company matching our track record and you will find our pricing quite reasonable. We can work out the best engagement model matching the client requirement and budget.

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To conclude

To prepare your organization for digital transformation, make Evince Development your trusted IT partner and we promise the journey will be a rewarding one!