Developing Web Applications with Asp.Net


Asp.Net is a web application framework for building websites and apps. It is developed by Microsoft and allows a person to use programming languages to build web applications very easily.

In this article, we will provide information on Asp.Net Development for beginners. To understand its working, one needs to have the basic knowledge of .Net programming language and other web technologies like HTML, CSS, etc.

Asp.Net Developers such as Microsoft has Asp.Net applications with compiled codes written with objects present in .Net framework. This framework is used to produce data-driven applications in the net.

It has a number of controls such as labels and text boxes for configuring, assembling and manipulating codes to form HTML pages.

Use Of Asp.Net Framework

Asp.Net framework is useful in storing information on the application such as:

  • Page state
  • Session state

Page state provides information on the state of the client or user. It contains the input field information in the web form. On the other hand, session state is the storehouse of information on various pages visited by the user.

This way, the server gets to know the state of overall application and functions in connected way.

Asp.Net Web Pages

Web pages is one among the three programming models to create Asp.Net websites and applications. Asp.Net Web Developers also create such websites with the help of other two models Web Forms and MVC. We will talk about them later.

Web Pages give an easy way to mix HTML, CSS, JavaScript and other server codes. It is the simplest programming model that helps in the following way:

  • Easy to learn, understand and execute
  • It is built around one single web pages
  • Gives full control of web languages
  • It is similar to PHP and Classic ASP

Web Pages can be easily extended with other computer programs as well. Asp.Net Web Development requires basic knowledge on how to combine various web languages to create web pages and make them extendable to other programs.

Asp.Net Web Developer

People working with Asp.Net make use of certain tools to create Asp.Net Web applications that are compatible with various computer languages.

Their services are required from time to time for improvement and enhancements in the web development tools. They have a vast knowledge of web designing using Asp.Net that can make your website stand out in the crowd.

This article covers the basic details of Asp.Net Developer so that you can get started working on it yourself. Make your business prominent with the skills you will learn.