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Data Migration Services

We Specialize in Technology migration strategies and possess adequate technical expertise and experience.

Our Company has in-depth experience of implementing Technology migration projects for many of our clients. Check our clientele portfolio to learn the success stories of integrating and transferring data and keep their business going.

We serve you with our experts who can execute Technology migration projects helps you confidently move your data where it needs to transfer your data safely and easily reducing business disruption.

Benefits of technology Migration:
  • Cost reduction:-Database Management and Manipulating of data in well organize report format
  • Minimum risk:-Our skilled specialists and latest tools giving you the successful execution from the years of experience.
  • Less trouble and disruptions:-Reduce interruptions to your business operations and application availability.
  • Work with protocols:- We run all migrations by a strict protocol based on our own data experience and commerciality.
  • Save time and money:-Customer’s view is required for every business environment for reliable and real-time reporting and so quality data is key to saving and making money.
We provide with three types of data migration services:
  • COBOL to .net migration:- An automated code migration and transformation supported by leading applications which is efficient. Seamless migration which maintains code and business logic “fidelity” in a manner that is cost effective requires few client resources and results in near perfect migrations of all kinds of COBOL. Read More.
  • VB6 to .Net migration:- In addition to producing VB Migration Partner, the best solution for converting VB6 projects to .NET, Code Architects offers first-class turn-key services that can help you to successfully convert your VB6 legacy apps to .NET in less time and without hassle.Read More.
  • Upgrade Magento 1.X To Magento 2.X:- Constant improvement and updated Magento with the cutting edge feature rich ecommerce platform in the market. If you’re already on Magento 1.x, then upgrading to Magento 2.0 is the best way forward if you want to take your ecommerce business to the next level.Read more.
  • Cobol to CI migration:-CodeIgniter is a framework that gives the results better than the best. There are significant cost savings benefits to migrating from Cobol to CI. If you are looking to convert your Cobol data to Codeigniter, our Codeigniter application migration services are designed especially to cater to your migration needs.
  • ASP.Net to MVC:-ASP.NET MVC has been around for a while now, so there is probably a good number of us who have only worked with MVC apps. If you want to build a robust and well-architected software product for your business an ASP.Net to MVC migration is essential.