Yes, you can handle the development team on your end. For this, you need to hire a team of expert developers on a Dedicated contract basis model from us and take all the team management responsibilities for the entire project development duration.

Yes! We are a team of expert web app designers and developers, along with exceptional knowledge of numerous trending tech stacks. We are always ready to give a little test task to help you grasp our skill sets, technical knowledge, and expertise in the relevant industry.

Yes, you should make and sign a contract or NDA for the project during the hiring period; it will help you to maintain the project secrecy and the proper workflow to complete the project within the desired time frame.

Yes, you can hire a single developer or a team of developers from EvinceDev; they will only be liable and restricted from working on your project.

As a leading and reputed software development company, we like to work on multiple hiring models, including a contract basis(dedicated hiring), hourly basis, and fixed price. You can choose hiring model of your preference.

Yes, we have carefully prepared a pricing package for every project based on the developers' expertise, technology, and other technical requirements to complete the project. You can choose any package based on your budget and requirements.

Inside the company, we have a brilliant team of skilled developers who have all the capabilities to complete the project excellently. Further, if you feel unsatisfied with their work at any point, you can consult with our management team, and you will get the best solution.

We believe in maintaining complete transparency during the project development cycle. Therefore we update the clients about the project's progress by sending them project progress status reports(Weekly PSR) on every phase of the development.

The team size just depends on the size and requirements of your design or development project. For a short-length or mid-sized project, all you need to do is hire a team including one designer, backend developer, frontend developer, a tester.

You can hire developers from EvinceDev every week hiring model. Whichever hiring model you choose, we always deliver quality results simply by working on the project with the same dedication.

As soon as we finalize the project development scope along with the technology to work on and receive the initial token/upfront, we will start working on the project's first phase.

The contract length of a web app development project depends on the time required to develop the needed functionalities.

Yes, from the leading web and mobile app development company EvinceDev, you can appoint single or multiple developers on a project basis hiring model that will be a Fixed Cost Project.

Our developers will, from time to time, send you the project progress report via email so that you can monitor the project at any time. Meanwhile, in addition to communicating with the appointed developers, you can use email, call, or any of our official communication channels like Skype or Google-meet.

During the entire project development cycle, our developers will maintain a worksheet or a document file and update it on a daily or weekly basis and then forward it to you on a weekly PSR Report and monthly basis Monthly report to get the project report.

Yes! We have a broad team of excellent web and mobile app developers and designers; please connect with us any time at EvinceDev to discuss your project needs and hire our expert developers, either solely or in a team.

Prior to finalizing the project terms mentioning time limit, cost, functionalities, tech stack, etc., we will showcase to you our skills by working on a pilot project.

At EvinceDev, client satisfaction is our priority, we follow all the standard norms of web app development, and thus we like to work on specific time zones when required to build better connectivity with the client.

Yes, to keep up with the project confidentiality and rely on the pre-agreed terms for the project completion, we always sign an NDA or Hire Service Level Agreement with the clients.

As a top-rated and highly recommended web and mobile application development company at EvinceDev, we have all the resources ready to start the project sooner. All you need to do is connect and discuss your requirements with us to land your project as sooner.

At any point, if you would like to terminate the contract with us, you are required to inform us about the issues you are facing with our workflow, expertise, or quality, and also you are required to allow us some time to finalize the current project phase and to handover the project details to you.

At EvinceDev, we do provide a flexible hiring model facility for our web app development services. We provide different and unique recruiting options, both on a fixed and hourly basis. Connect with us today to know our prices.

At EvinceDev, we facilitate you with awesome web, mobile app, and custom software development services by working on all the latest and trending technologies.

To develop an application with us, you are required to connect with the development team and share your app development concept or vision with the team along with the additional app development requirement, such as which platform or OS you want to have your app on which tech stack you want to develop the app, what is your expected budget for the development, etc.

Yes, developing a web app or mobile app all the way drive similar benefits; if you have both, you are more likely to fetch more audience towards your business.

Basic app development with a few basic or initial-level functionalities requires a time frame of 1 to 2 months. To create an app with higher-level trending features takes a bit more time and can be till 10 to 12 months.

The typical price range for developing an app is $30,000 to $100,000. The real cost of developing an app depends on the project's complexity, the functionality required, the application's architecture, and the distribution strategy.

Absolutely No!! While hiring or working with EvinceDev's web app development, you are not required to have core technical knowledge. All you need to do is share your app development concept with our team, and we will convert it into a well-functioning website or Mobile application.

Additionally, we would like you to check on our portfolio and client's feedback section to judge or trust our quality.

Team EvinceDev will be happy to learn more about your requirements. And if it matches our deliverable services (web, app, eCommerce and software development), we will be happy to assist you with the most trustworthy, reliable, and faultless services.

Definitely! Being a reputable web and mobile app development firm, we have taken on all the duties necessary to strengthen and competitively position your web presence. As a result, we guarantee to support and maintenance of a website and mobile application after completion and launch.

Yes, we are ready to sign an NDA or Non-Disclosure and Confidentiality Agreement! We accept it in any specific format (Softcopy or hard copy) of your choice.

We generally prefer to work on the below-listed payment module:

  • Hourly rate
  • Fixed price
  • Monthly Payment
  • You can choose any specific payment module.

We do not have any specific issue if you are out of budget; you can still come to us for a superb consultation and an idea about how to have your dream app within your desired budget criteria.

With our flawless web app and software development services, we like to serve the industries like healthcare, transport, mobility, retail, real estate, government and public sector, the fintech industry, and more.

Of course! We would be delighted to provide you with a demo session on the development modules and the project you want to construct under our observation.

You must connect with the team EvinceDev to discuss your web app development idea. Our team will listen to it carefully and start working on it to make it a prototype version or well-functioning MVP that can boost your business.

To make your website a big success, you should follow the listed steps

  • Connect with the team EvinceDev
  • Ask us to check and update your website with the trending trends
  • Appoint our marketing services to give a quick boost to your business sales.

We will sign non disclousar agreement to keep it secure. Whatsoever your app development idea is, you are requested to share it with our expert developers via a direct email, or also you can schedule a quick call with our team.

Well, at EvinceDev, we are a huge team of web app designers and developers, along with extensive knowledge and expertise on numerous trending technologies. Here is all you need to discuss your requirement with our team, and we will suggest the best solution.

A mobile app's development costs typically range from $40,000 to $150,000, with some projects exceeding $300,000. The phrase "tentative" is used here since it could be affected by a variety of variables, including app type, functionality, complexity, vendor choice, and development methodology.

Along with app developers, we also have a team of web app testers and quality assurance members to check and remove all the bugs from your app. Hence you do not need to quality check your app by appointing any outer resource.

We would be glad to assist you with server setup and maintenance. Please reach us anytime with your setup requirements.

We will take care of and handle all the app submission needs and concerns for the App store and Play store as well.

While working on any web app or software development project, clients' confidentiality and data security are always our focal views. Thus, we do not prefer to add any outsiders to the project meetings. Also, we do not share the project details with a third party. Along with this, we use the industry's best data security tools.

As soon as we have completed any specific app functionality or any particular phase of the app development project, we will send you an in-depth report mentioning all the project updates via a well-written email.

Whether you want to interact with the entire team or just with the project managers is absolutely your choice. You can any time arrange a direct meeting with the team during the project development process to get frequent project progress updates.

Definitely, we will take care of your application post its launch as well. At EvinceDev, we provide free app support and maintenance for a few periods after its successful launch.

By arranging a quick call, direct meeting, or scheduling a demo session, you can track your project's development progress.

Under the free-of-cost support and maintenance services, we cover the project's assets, including quality checks, bug fixing, error handling, server issue resolving, app updates, etc.

All the additional charges or the other third-party fee required at the time of web, app development, integration, or deployment only be bear by the respective client.

We have been gloriously serving the industry for over a decade, and currently, we are standing as a highly recommended web app development company holding a working expertise of 20+ working hours and 1200+ successful project deliveries to global clients.

Since our start today, we have worked on numerous projects for clients worldwide and delivered 1200+ web app and software development projects. Must visit our portfolio page to learn more about our projects and work quality.

We are a top-notch USA-based web app development company; thus, we have all the capabilities and resources to work in every single time zone. Therefore, we do not face any such limitations in working on, completing, or delivering the project.

Being a reputed India and the USA located web and mobile app development company, we have a huge team of expert designers and developers. As an approximation, we have a team size of above 200+ members.

Yes, we do have a skilled team of dedicated and creative in-house designers. Our team also includes UI and UX designers to give a more lucrative touch to the design of any web app development project.

Premium app development, cost per task, contract development, etc., are our most preferred business models to provide global clients with the best web, app, and custom software development services.

Our engagement models combine the requirements needed to create various project types in an original way. You can pick from a variety of engagement models, such as the T and M Models, the dedicated team model, and the fixed price model.

In any case, if you are not satisfied with our services, even though it's about the work quality, team behavior, or agreement breach, we would like to discuss and resolve the issues, and still, if you face any kind of un-satisfaction with us, we can drop the project with a mutual decision by following the pre-agreed terms to cancel the contract.

Of course, we are always open to providing you with every kind of support and consultation prior to start with the project development phase.

We are a reputed and leading USA-based web app and software development company, and hence we excellently follow the international work process from the project discussion to hiring, to designing and code implementation to project deployment.

Definitely, all your business secrets and information are safe with us, as we only allow the hired team members to share the project details as well as we also follow the latest data safety methodology.

EvinceDev is a top-notch web and mobile app development company, and here, with a team of brilliant developers, we deliver quality services for modern website design and mobile application development on the latest technologies.

React native, PHP, AngularJS, NodeJS, ASP.NET, IoT, AI, ML, etc., are all our focal working tech stacks and core competencies to satisfy the global clientele with web app development needs.

Yes! We always welcome the clients' methodologies and standards to complete the project without any faults.

Building an application that can be deployed across many platforms from a single source code is known as cross-platform development. At the same time, the creation of a platform-specific program is known as native app development.

To have a website with all the similar functionalities as a mobile application is only your choice. Also, you can even decide by observing your target audience's preference. In general, currently, more users like to access a mobile app in contrast to a website.

By constructing an app on a cross-platform app development environment, you will be able to deliver the same user experience to your audience for browsing your app or website on each OS.

Sure! During the development process, we are liable to provide you with the project progress report on a weekly or monthly basis, including all the tasks we have done in the respective time frame, and in that report, you can review the code we used to implement the functionality.

Only the respective client will be the sole owner of the source code. Once the project is successfully completed and deployed, we will hand over the entire code to the client.

Yes, we will definitely help you in creating a developer account, as being the industry's leading web app development company at EvinceDev, we have all the resources and experienced teams to handle every task amazingly.

You must pay a one-time cost of over $30 to create a Google developer account, often known as a Google Play Console account. You must pay a $100 annual charge in order to open an Apple developer account, often known as an App Store Connect account.

The server requirement merely depends on the other project requirement such as the web app development size, the used tech stack, the location, security percentage concern, etc. In general, at EvinceDev, we prefer to utilize a Microsoft cloud server and an AWS server

We are a complete team of expert web app designers and developers along with expertise on multiple technologies as listed:

  • PHP
  • NodeJS
  • React Native
  • Angular
  • Full Stack
  • AI/ML

At EvinceDev, our developer holds expertise in the following:

  • Languages: Objective-C, PHP, Java, Python, Node.js, DotNet, ROR, etc
  • Frameworks: Laravel, Express.js, Django, Ruby on Rails
  • Databases: MySQL, MongoDB, Microsoft SQL

We always prefer to work on trending technologies as moving with the trend is the perfect way to achieve the dream success.

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