Microsoft Development Services

We are Microsoft Partner Company and our team has successfully executed projects using a wide array of Microsoft tools and technologies ranging from Microsoft Office to the server and enterprise integration with technology like MS Dynamic CRM. The Evince Development’s has a talented resource pool of developers, technical specialists and architects proficient on the entire stack of the Microsoft Technology Platform. We could be your right partners for all your need.

At Evince Development Pvt.Ltd, We have
  • Extensive project experience on Microsoft technologies.
  • Implementing the best recommended pattern and practices of Architecting, design and development approaches.
  • Our team members are Microsoft Certified individuals having good understanding, knowledge and skills to work on Microsoft technology platform
  • Experience pool resources to provide faster development and implementation
  • Overall lower Total Cost of Ownership with reduced risk and Competitive price
So if you are Looking For Microsoft Development Services:
  • Developing feature rich, next-generation web applications
  • Database Management and Manipulating of data in well organize report format
  • Display data information and communicate with other server, web or centralize services
  • Discovering how the latest .Net technology and Architecture changing your day to day operations with faster, more efficient, and easier way
  • Creating scalable Corporate site with CMS features
  • Creating SAS based portal development
  • Creating a more responsive website using latest Jquery and MVC architecture
  • Or secure web applications using forms authentication and the membership API