How Much Does Website Redesign Cost? What are Factors That Influence Price

Guide: Website Redesign Cost And Factor To Affect

How Much Does Website Redesign Cost

Suppose your startup or corporate website needs to gain more traffic, or your competitors exceed you in every way. Some issues need to be resolved in such cases, including flat design, poor copywriting, and technical SEO issues.

One of these issues may be occurring at once or all of them. Because of the wide range of issues, a significant website redesign is necessary?

Since you’re dealing with numerous issues, running out of funds is easy, and it is where this article comes in handy. This article will guide you about the cost of the website redesign.

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A real example of how web redesign helps achieve growth increased’s conversion rate by 18%., an online service for transcriptions and captions, had a complete redesign for a more professional, modern appearance.

Before Website Redesign

The previous design needed to be updated. The primary user interface component was a central carousel with three cards representing one of the company’s three value propositions: quality, service, & speed. Although one may claim that the rocket ship and the telephone performed better than the quality dial, the cards employed outdated images in the style of the 1950s to demonstrate each assertion.

There was a menu bar with links to the company’s primary services above the carousel (nested in the Services tab). With more vintage-style visuals and some basic pricing information below the carousel, these services were related to people. Every service has a clear call to action link. Customer reviews and detailed descriptions of all services were presented in organized, boring text boxes below the website’s fold.

Carousels, by default, are troublesome and generally overlooked by users, who need to realize that they are navigational components. It is generally preferable to stick with a simple value proposition without distracting navigational elements. The most recent trends in content interaction are moving away from outdated carousels and more towards animations, parallax, and micro-interactions.

While graphic elements are more customized, the current fashion turns away from 1950s throwback and leans more toward organic, natural forms, visually stunning hero photos, and video headlines.

After Website Redesign

The carousel and the vintage visuals are gone from’s new design in favor of a more modern appearance. The page begins with a simple, strong value proposition before moving right into three service cards, each of which includes a call to action, a short description, and basic price information. Even better, the cards include subtle animations, vibrant colors, and modern, organic designs that catch the eye and nudge you to click the CTA.

As you scroll down, you can see more significant changes. They have a more precise value proposition followed by elegantly written service descriptions after highlighting a few corporate clients. The colors used above are intended to identify each service quickly. Customer reviews appear after the services and are clickable this time, adding to their trustworthiness.

From a UX viewpoint, the redesign is a resounding success overall. Cleaner navigation, a more distinct value proposition, and excellent use of color are all part of a lighter, more modern look. Even better, the redesign project manager Barron Caster shared some encouraging information in a blog post about his experiences throughout the nine-month redesign process: The new design increased’s conversion rate by 18%.

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The Significant Factors That Impact Website Redesign Cost

Now that you’ve determined the scope of your goals, what factors impact the cost of redesigning a website?

Size of Website

How many pages do you intend your website to have? How big do you think the pages are designed to be? Do you already have the content for every page you have planned, or will you need to design it yourself or hire someone to do it? You will require to know the answers to these crucial questions to receive an accurate quote. More pages necessitate more changes and revisions, increasing the total cost.


You cannot assess functionality efficiently without knowing the precise platform—WordPress, Drupal, Magento, Joomla, Squarespace, or any other—because platform-specific components are different requirements.

API integrations can improve a website’s functionality, but each additional integration raises the overall cost and increases the chance that performance will deteriorate. To determine website redesign price effectively, you must be aware of the number of integrations and the possible issues that particular combinations may bring.

UI/UX of Website

The third main factor important in determining the website redesign pricing is website redesign UX. Do you want custom-made, professional designs and infographics for your website, or are stock photos sufficient? Are you going to use videos or animations on your website?

The website revamp cost often increases with design complexity, and your site’s loading performance may suffer greatly. Mitigation techniques may be implemented in your code and server environment to boost page load speed. However, these changes sometimes take more time and work.

In various countries, including the United States & Japan, mobile devices outnumber Desktops in terms of Google searches. Does your website work on mobile devices? In the absence of it now, you risk losing visitors since your website cannot adjust to fit a mobile screen.

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Who is redesigning your website?

If you’ve decided to spend money on a redesign, you must determine whether to do the work yourself, employ a freelancer, or work with a web design company.

By Yourself

You spend more time but less money if you complete the task yourself. It would help to consider whether you possess the necessary skill set to redesign your website.

If you don’t already possess such skills, consider if you want to devote the time and effort necessary to acquire the tools and required skills for the redesign—costs for website redesign range from $0 to $300.


You can free up more time by hiring a freelancer UI UX Designer. Still, it will cost you more. Working with freelancers has certain disadvantages, like the fact that you can’t always trust them, that they might not be industry experts, and that redesigning a whole website could be too much for one freelancer to handle quickly.

In contrast, freelancers are a great choice since they provide a variety of website redesign costs, may be aware of the sector, and are frequently highly communicative. Many put achieving your goals and addressing your needs first.

Spending between $500 and $5,000 on a website redesign by a freelancer is possible. It depends on how much work your website requires and the freelancer’s hourly fee (or whether they charge separately for each webpage).

Website Design Agency

Utilizing a web design company is the third option. The advantages of freelancers and web design agencies are often similar, and they are professionals that can assist you with various decisions you’ll have to make.

When you deal with a web design company, you can be sure that a team of experts is developing your website. They may handle the programming, content, and SEO while also analyzing your competitors.

When deciding on the best website hosting solution, web design companies can guide you in the right direction. They can then monitor the support you get from your hosting company and make recommendations. The price of hiring a web design firm might range from $3,000 to $100,000.

Why should you hire EvinceDev to redesign your website?

The website redesign requires substantial experience in business development, UX/UI design, & marketing.

A redesign website cost will also vary depending on various factors. However, the most important is the development team you collaborate with because it demands technical expertise and sufficient experience.

If you’re interested in redesigning your website or other website design services to simplify your business or a startup, get in touch with us.

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