Who, Why, What, And How: Planning For Website Redesign

This Website Redesign Planning Guide Provides A Brief Overview Of All The Crucial Factors On How To Redesign A Website In 2024

Website Redesign Strategy

Regardless of your opinion, your website has a more significant impact on your bottom line. It usually gives the first impression to a potential customer as a digital image of your business. 

75% of people assess a company based on its website, so if yours is outdated, difficult to browse, or not mobile-responsive, it’s time to start thinking about a website redesign.

An effective website includes significant elements supporting the website’s goal, graphics, and content. Poor website redesign planning is a significant factor in the failure or underperformance of 75% of website redesigns. Make a project plan for website redesign before you begin working to give yourself the best chance of success.

This website redesign planning guide provides a brief overview of all the crucial factors you should consider to guarantee the success of your website redesign. Let’s look at some efficient techniques for creating and putting a website redesign strategy into practice for the highest ROI.

What is Website Redesign?

Redesigning your website entails modifying the existing features or starting from scratch in some instances, such as when you create a new homepage, include social network feeds, or even change the logo and domain name. It relies on what your marketers believe about it and your new visitors’ early impressions.

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Why Do You Need To Plan a Website Redesign Strategy?

There is compelling evidence that a website redesign may raise your business’s worth. A redesign project makes many promises, like enhancing the effectiveness of your marketing initiatives and boosting your online presence through better search engine rankings. 

However, there are three primary reasons your website can require a redesign.

1. Reparation

The inappropriate responsive design of website pages or sections, old content or interface, and, most significantly, a sluggish website are a few reasons you might want to redesign your website for correction.

Remember that if your website loading takes more than 3 seconds, 40% of your visitors will quit. Similarly, if a company’s website needs to be updated or has an old design, 81% of people have a poor impression of it.

2. Optimization

If you believe your website will benefit from an improved user experience or want higher search engine results and more online visibility, you should redesign it.

An optimization-focused redesign process may perform wonders in attracting targeted audiences and even generating revenue when combined with a strong SEO strategy and the contributions of a content marketing team.

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3. Rebranding

Consider updating your website after modifying your marketing approach, organizational culture, or even just the color scheme of your brand logo. Then you may begin a redesign process focused on rebranding.

Such a website redesign plan is familiar. However, among the prominent organizations that have redesigned their brands are Instagram, YouTube, and many more.

Your decisions about redesign may have various conditions, but the most crucial thing is that you know how to execute it correctly.

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How To Plan a Website Redesign?

Website redesigning is easier than it sounds. As with any work, due diligence is necessary to guarantee your website’s best result and design. Plan your website strategy and reach that objective by using the five stages below.

1. Determine business objectives

As we discussed, it is best to set redesign goals before planning a website project. Will it be focused on rebranding? Are you improving or fixing? When discussing this with stakeholders, set the critical goals for more significant streamlining.

For example, the new redesigning elements can express your intention to rebrand your website. The best font, animations, and color schemes complement your site’s new visual feel.

2. Finalized budget

You’ll be grateful that you made a budget in the starting and stuck to it. When setting up a budget, it’s crucial to be practical, so you should research.

For instance, it will be significantly less expensive to redesign only your blog than your entire website. Therefore, keep this in mind while you set your budget.

3. Checked whom to approach for website redesign and finalized

It’s time to pick a service you feel will redesign your website the best depending on your budget, timeframe, and desired changes once you’ve done your research.

Additionally, keep in mind that you should communicate with the agency personally before signing anything.

4. Finalized what to add to the website

Is it because your bounce rate is too high that you’re redesigning your website?

You have a slower page load time, and your graphics and color palette need to be updated. Is your navigation challenging to use?

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Whatever the case, you must comprehend and define your goals to redesign your website successfully.

5. Finalized design

Nobody is ever affected by minimalism. In the digital world, maximalism is what bothers people the most. The last thing you want when redesigning your website is to overload the pages with text, graphics, or animations.

Even if you are not usually a minimalist, it is evident that a website with fewer clusters would allow for more user clarity.

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For the best impact, choose a few typefaces and use them in various sizes. Small elements like shadows, color schemes, gradients, and highlights may significantly affect how a professional looks.

Final Takeaway – Who will Redesign your Website

It would help to consider factors such as the financial plan and your preferences. Choose the options which would be the most effective for your business:

Consider Freelancers

The best middle ground between conducting the redesign yourself and working with an agency is hiring a freelance designer. You can acquire the same expertise as an agency for a minor fraction of the price.

The key is to choose a freelance designer who embodies the style you’re going for, so utilize any search engine to eliminate candidates by expertise, skill level, and other factors.

Hire In house experts

Check if your in-house web designers and developers are up to the job if you already have them. Remember that not all designers are proficient in designing websites.

Thus it may be beyond their abilities. Depending on the redesign’s extent, they might be too busy, but you can always employ a freelance designer to split the task with them.

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Hire an agency or hire experts hourly or fixed cost base

It’s the option for those wanting to take a more active role in the process—more of a handoff and wait. Consider EvinceDev, a website development agency. We have a team of professionals here, so we will handle each facet of your site based on quality.

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