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IoT for Animals

IoT for animals is probably the next natural step after Human to Machine communication. IoT for animals is basically same as Human to Computer Communication, except for the fact that the source of data collection will be animals instead of humans.

Inserting a tracking device n a wild animal or aquatic animals to learning more about them is in practice for a long time now. But that concept is considered as ‘only research people’s’ concept, but with the boom of internet, IoT for animals has found a place in everyday life

Below are the few of many newly found solutions with the advent of IoT
  • Tracking lost animals
  • Tracking health patterns
  • Tracking sick cattle
  • Behavior tracking
Why Choose Us?

At Evince we believe in coming up with innovative, new-age, out of the box solutions and methods of approaching age old problems for the client and at the same time our solutions are cost effective too, which when combined with our experience with IoT will ceratinly help to provide the most fesible solution to the problem in context.