Technology has invaded every business space of which logistics has experienced some interesting transformation over past 2-3 years. The changes in warehousing and transportation are primarily fueled by ever increasing customer demands, varying consumption patterns, fast digitization and signing of lots of international trade treaties. Then there is the e-Commerce boom that has increased market competition globally thus forcing logistic providers to take innovative technology initiatives.

The market is now ready to explore different options in logistics segments like warehousing, information processing, transportation, material handling, purchasing, demand forecasting, production planning, etc. This has resulted in growing demand for customized IT solution for logistics industry. Here we discuss some new technologies and solutions that have helped in systematizing and simplifying the “first mile” to “last mile” logistics practices.

Advanced Web Services and Connected Applications

The Logistics business immensely depends on a technology that can efficiently and securely transmit data. This emerging market therefore demands tailor-made IT solution for transportation industry that can connect and talk to each other in different types of B2B, B2C, and intra-business situations. Furthermore, this business segment also needs applications that can support multiple devices and talk to the existing systems on the floor and on roads.

Evince team has expertise in designing smart enterprise applications and mobile solutions that remove obstacles and connect the right way to maintain uninterrupted work flow.

Advanced GPS Solution To Simplify Fleet Operations

Many logistics companies have switched to end-to-end GPS solution with highly advanced features that are customized to meet specific demands of the cargo and logistics segment.  Such solutions cover all necessary aspects of logistics management like fleet monitoring, real-time vehicle tracking, heavy equipment movement tracking, Google map integration, mobile workforce management and much more.

Evince, the reliable IT Partner USA can work out a seamless vehicle tracking system that helps manage workforce and resources efficiently while optimizing the last-mile delivery process.

Real-time Analytics

‘Data’ is the key component whose efficient management can help gain a competitive edge in the logistics business. Many logistics companies are losing big business because they are following the conventional method of analyzing fixed-format reports generated from the stored database by their programmed computers. These same companies can experience significant improvement in earning by shifting to Big Data Analytics tools and techniques. With real-time analytics, companies can promptly take important decisions and implement innovative solutions, which otherwise would have taken months to get executed.

As your IT Partner USA, the Evince team can turn your huge volume of passive data into functional and profitable business intelligence.

Business Process Optimization

Often the logistics companies need to address different issues at the same time, which result in delays and unnecessary expenses. Such problems may arise due to a fault in the operational strategy, or due to inefficient implementation of the end-to-end management process. With business process optimization consultancy services offered by Evince, it is possible to standardize and automate processes thus eliminating activities that don’t add value to the business.

Enterprise-Level Security Solutions

Technology update process of the logistics company should take into account one core problem i.e. security. As the logistics and warehouse management solutions now transmit data over cloud and internet that demand maximum stability and security of the software and the overall system. The need of the hour therefore is advanced enterprise-level solutions with high-level integration expertise that goes beyond conventional security system.

A solution provider like Evince can work out full-proof IT solution for logistics industry with intelligent alarms and alerts to protect important logistics data and critical points-of-operation.

To conclude

Top logistics companies are making billions because they have resorted to automation early and have implemented innovative measures before others. However as the saying goes its better late than never! So, even if you are taking late decision to upgrade technology for your logistics business, make sure you partner with an efficient global enterprise solution provider only.