Well, it is said that self praise is not praise and I don’t want to boast about our capabilities or services or what our client says about us.

Yesterday, I got a Skype request, I accepted it. The gentleman other side told me that he got our reference from and they have listed us in their top 10 innovative startups, I didn’t have any idea about that portal and it was astonishing for me to hear that that some third party has listed us with positive remarks. I researched upon it and landed on

And here is what they said about EvinceDev,

“Need IT solutions for your firm? Check out Evince Development Pvt.Ltd, who provides IT solutions to its clients, as well as Software outsourcing and offshore software development. The company aims at providing top quality IT solutions and services at very marginal costs, earning them a very positive reputation among its customers and competitors. The company provides a range of different services including Web Design and Development, Mobile Apps Development, Internet Marketing, E-Commerce, SEO techniques, and many more.
– Rachel Pollard 02/25/2015″

Rachel pollard is a Content Strategist at Mabbly and Associate Editor at MeetAdvisors. MeetAdvisor is a network of entrepreneurs that support startups minimizing start up mistakes.

Final verdict:

In today’s era, most companies look to maximize their profit without considering their client’s interest, and as a result, though they get very good clients in initial phase, but they face the turn-down in later phase. Evince knows these facts very well and practice keeping transparently, considering client’s interest. We work on the pillars of mutual benefit terms and this is the reason that we are getting good recommendation from our clients as well as from third party.

Thank you team Evince & our Esteemed clientele……………….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!