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eCommerce Payment Gateway Integration

Payment gateway is basically a service which is used to process credit transactions whenever you accept online orders from your customers. Different banks & dedicated payment processors offer these kinds of payment gateways.

Our payment gateway integration services have helped several clients provide different payment options to their customers. With us you will not have to bother with any technical details and will get a functional and secure eCommerce platform at your fingertips.

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why choose Us ?

Evince offers tailored Payment gateway integration that cater to the diverse needs of its potential clients. The various years put into practice in this field, signify well for the company and assure on-time delivery and absolute contentment on the deliverables.

KEY BENEFITS OF Payment Gateway

  • Ease of Use

    Reliable time updates, quick and reliable

  • Multicurrency payment

    Supports international currency and currency exchange

  • Fraud Protection

    Ensures double-checked details before a transaction is authorized

  • Integrate

    Collaborates with other channels such as website, IVR, Kiosks, Call Center, Mobile Devices and Batch processing

  • Customized Gateway

    Customized gateway as per the payment process requirements of individual entities

  • User Experience

    Single page checkout process which gives consistent shopping experience to users on various devices

  • Additional Information

    Multiple information is added to capture full details like payment by cheque or any other, COD or offline payment etc.

  • Refunds

    Incorporating easy refunds back to the payment gateway