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Mobile Commerce (m-Commerce) App Development

Bring your e-commerce website on mobile by using mobile platforms. The increasing acceptance of  E-commerce has provided a strong base for mobile commerce. It brings ecommerce owner more closer to their customers through mobile devices. Evince can help you to convert your idea into reality with our m-commerce application development services.

Our complete and synchronized system for M-commerce will provide exceptional potential, greater efficiency and a huge success to the market. Evince will deliver custom m-Commerce solution combined features with your brand. We have team of developers having in-depth knowledge of all frameworks used to build m-commerce apps.

Reach out to us to get the best mobile commerce application development services.

Our Mobile Commerce Development Services Include:
  • Powerful features to incorporate marketing
  • M-commerce store built to work on all types of mobile devices
  • Support for multiple stores
  • Compatible with various devices
  • Technical support for multiple online stores
  • Utility App for Wearable
Advantages of the M-Commerce:
  • M-commerce provides the strong connectivity: There are 70% users are available online and using internet on mobile devices it’s easy to connect them and do commerce transactions, if the network signal is available.
  • Ease to the user: Mobile Commerce provides the ease to the customers. Customers are able get served by the various E-commerce services within the few clicks. Users can search/find thousands of items on their cell phones without any checkout process.
  • Easy Accessibility: With the help of mobile devices a user can be contacted virtually any time and place. Responses on emails and customer handling will encourage a customer to change his/her preference.
  • Personalization: Through mobile commerce users can be targeted easily personally through their mobile. It enables and store personal information like credit card information, customized information, meeting the users’ preferences etc.
  • Time Efficiency: Users have quick access on mobile which does not required any plug in connections like PC or laptop to load which saves time.
Categories we served under Mcommerce:
  • Online Shopping
  • Transactional Solutions
  • Business-to-Business(B2B) M-commerce solutions
  • Business-to-Customer(B2C) M-commerce solutions
  • Customer-to-Customer(C2C) M-commerce solutions
  • Informational Service Solutions
Why to hire mCommerce developer from Evince:
  • Edgy and innovative mobile e-commerce web solutions
  • Talented developers available on affordable rates
  • Milestone based project development and placement
  • 5 years of experience building m commerce apps
  • Responsible to deliver top quality work in less time