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IoT for Animals

IoT for animals is probably the next natural step after Human to Machine communication. IoT for animals is basically same as Human to Computer Communication, except for the fact that the source of data collection will be animals instead of humans.

Inserting a tracking device on a wild animal or aquatic animals to learning more about them is in practice for a long time now. But that concept is considered as ‘only research people’s’ concept, but with the boom of internet, IoT for animals has found a place in everyday life.

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What is IoT for Animals

Internet of things for animals refer to the many such devices like biochips transponders on farm animals, heart monitoring implants, cameras streaming live feeds of wild animals in coastal waters, DNA analysis devices for environmental or pathogen monitoring. The speedy expansion for IOT for animals has helped in generating large amount of useful data needed to collect and analyzing from the behavior of these animals.

IoT for Animals

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  • Aggregation

    Aggregate data from various devices collected

  • Future Analysis

    Predict the estimated output from the processes involved

  • Descriptive Analysis

    Collecting descriptive analysis like weight pick-up, size etc.

  • Prescriptive Analysis

    Enable interventions to guarantee to target direction is met

  • Data acquisition

    Gathering and recording different traits of every animal such as age, growth rate etc.

IoT for Animals Services

  • Tracking lost animals
  • Tracking health patterns
  • Tracking sick cattle
  • Behavior tracking