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Human to Machine Communication

Human to Machine communication is a very important development in Internet of Things. Even though the fundamental concept of collecting and sharing data through internet stays same with H2M communication, the source from which the data is collected will make the difference. A very simple example would be someone with a chip implanted to monitor the heart rate. This chip will collect the information automatically and will alert the doctors on their smart phones when heart rate is abnormal.

H2M communication has revolutionized the personal health sector, which also has a direct impact on insurance industry. There is almost 200% growth in fitness wearable’s market in 2015 and reached upto 500% in 2017 and is definitely going to reach a higher level in coming future.

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What is Human to Machine communication

Human to Machine communication is a form of communication where humans interact with a variety of devices like sensors and actuators. It can improve quality of life through the accessibility to smart devices, which has sensory inputs and assist with everyday tasks. An extraordinary affair can be accomplished by changing machines from such tools to specialists equipped with a level of understanding human physiology and what they desire.

Human to Machine Communication

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KEY BENEFITS OF Human to Machine Communication

  • Ease of use

    User friendly interface, easy access to machine via instructions

  • Effective Performance

    Quick analysis of data within few seconds

  • Alarming Facility

    React faster to any fault or break down

  • Flexible

    Functionality and features can be customized

Human to Machine Communication Services

  • Fitness bands
  • Health monitoring devices