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COBOL To .Net Migration Services

In order to grow high in the business world, it is important to think high and efficient. One of the important ways is to transform or upgrade the website from the traditional form to the modern form. As Cobol has system restrictions, it is advisable to convert Cobol to .Net form. A much better option for doing this upgrade is to hire an expert or professional service that can provide the best migration services.

Evince has a team of skilled people who have gained expertise in migrating from one technology to other as per the trend of the market. We provide hassle free migration services with modernized features so as to help grow your business.

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Why COBOL To .Net Migration Services

Cobol, being a mainframe business application have unmanaged code and syntax, it was necessary to migrate to much stronger technology and platform. To increase market share and efficiency migrating to a more structured, Interactive technology was the need. .Net promises nice properties like no licensing cost required, making application more maintained and provide an easy access to users. COBOL to .Net migration services offer conversion of various types of COBOL formats. Some of the options that can be converted to .Net are MicroFocus COBOL, NetCOBOL, COBOL-IT and Unisys COBOL. Conversion from these formats offer fully automated and also smoothly readable .Net forms.

COBOL To .Net Migration Services

why choose Us ?

Evince have Experts of technologies, who not only help reduce the migration costs, but also maintains the efficiency of the application well. Seamless migration remains the motto of the professional experts that helps out in maintaining the fidelity of the business logic.


  • High Quality

    Ensures a base of quality standards

  • Customer Oriented

    User-friendly approach that makes it a customer oriented

  • Customization

    Customization and optimization at a great level is easily possible

  • Increases Sales

    A full conversion a much strong platform increases market value and sales

  • Flexible Pricing

    One time investment ensures long term profit

  • Optimized Conversion

    Organized, well managed and optimized code is guaranteed

COBOL To .Net Migration Services

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