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Cloud Application Services

Cloud application development services help you move to the cloud developing a new application from scratch. It is designed with flexibility, efficiency. We also provide migration and monitoring solutions running on SaaS cloud platforms. Once cloud-enabled, you can more easily scale Web applications, set up testing environments, experiment with HPC applications and more.

Our Cloud app developers provide you with quick and easy deployment of applications stored in iCloud that allows users to develop and run their own applications over the network with minimal downtime and secure server.

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What is Cloud Application Services

The cloud application is a software program, that depends on remote servers for preparing and processing logic that is accessed through a web program with a constant internet connection. These cloud application servers are located in remote data centers operated by third party provider.

Cloud Application Services

why choose Us ?

Evince have Experts of technologies, who not only help reduce the migration costs, but also maintains the efficiency of the application well. Seamless migration remains the motto of the professional experts that helps out in maintaining the fidelity of the business logic.

KEY BENEFITS OF Cloud Application Services

  • Quick Response

    Cloud services are quick in deploying, updating and testing providing fast response

  • Simple Operation

    Foundation, infrastructure management can be outsourced to third party cloud providers

  • Scalability

    Can scale and up down according to the business needs

  • API

    API based back-end services that can speed up development, processing, analytics and yields great results

  • Cost Effective

    These services are less expensive in terms of processing and management

  • Security

    Regular backup and restoration of data and other security practices

  • Improved Data Sharing

    Data storage on cloud are easily accessible to authorized users

Cloud Application Services

  • Application Development
  • Monitoring and Database Support
  • Data Integration and business Intelligence
  • Application Management
  • Iterative Migration


  • We make detail assessment to determine your organization’s infrastructure, servers and requirements needed for cloud migration.
  • Application development, include solution design and architecture, front-end design, and upgrading existing applications to the newest version for improved reliability, security, and access.
  • Iterative migration that ensures user adoption and pre-established goals are both met and exceeded.
  • Complete integration of your on-premise applications with those existing in the cloud.
  • 24 hour support and 365 days application monitoring to ensure reliable performance, eliminate downtime, and allow you to focus on what really matters in your business.


With Evince’s cloud application services you empower your business leaders and employees to do business better.

  • Transmute your application by hosting or building them on PaaS or Iaas cloud platform.
  • Leverage the usage of cloud computing in combination with mobile devices.
  • Empower business users to conveniently change and customize their experience.
  • Re-host applications to the cloud-enabled.
  • Migration of existing traditional applications to cloud platforms.

We provide customized solutions to cater to your business. So we work with your core and critical members to give you the best possible services.