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Integrating Automation in digital retail and eCommerce

In this fast-shifting environment - it's the most important to anticipate and meet the demands of retail industry. Our workflow automation solutions for Retail help you to automate business process, electronic data capture, accuracy, cost savings and customer satisfaction.

By understanding the challenges of the retail sector, Evince can help retailers to achieve greater productivity and modernize retail accounting operations. Our online retail software application and industry specific digital service keep our clients stand apart in this competitive field.

With having good experience to work with the retail clients, Evince provides effective IT solutions in retails space to meet their business challenges reduce risks and deliver even greater savings.

We are determined to focus on the dynamic needs of organizations into the domain of retail industry across the globe and cater our customers a successful path to enterprise modernization. We have worked with a variety of retailers over the years.

Reshaping Retail & eCommerce

On the rising expectations of retail industry, with changing customer expectations and modern software solutions are giving retailers the power to continually reinvent themselves.Evince keep you to stay ahead of the competition through:

  • Providing Enhanced Customer Experience

  • Processes To Analyze And Evaluate Shopper’s Behavior

  • Solutions to meet the needs of emerging global consumer goods market

  • Accessibility Of Information To Make Better And Effective Decisions

Services Include

Predictive analysis and forecasting

Predictive Analysis & Forecasting Service Include Data Strategy Consulting, Customized Machine Learning Software Development, End-To-End Predictive Analytics Software Development.

Ai powered retail solutions

AI-Powered Analytics Solution Helps To Gather Consumer Data From All Touchpoints And Get A Single View With Efficient Data.

Omnichannel integration

An Omnichannel Integration Is An Innovative Approach To Sales And Marketing That Provides Customers With A Fully-Integrated Shopping Experience By Uniting User Experiences From Brick-And-Mortar To Mobile-Browsing And Everything In Between.

eCommerce process automation

eCommerce Process Automation Solution Helps To Spend Less Time On Standard Processes Seamlessly.

Mobile commerce (mcommerce) development

M-Commerce is buying and selling of goods and services through wireless handheld devices such as smartphones and tablets.

Mobile retail solutions

Mobile retail solutions to help improve both employee mobility and customer engagement.

Customer experience management

Customer experience Management is the product of an interaction between an organization and a customer throughout their relationship

Personalized online shopping experience

Personalized online shopping allows busy/style-impaired men to jump on a website and fill out a detailed questionnaire that provides a genuinely helpful experience.


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