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Windows Platform Application Development

As a mobile platform Windows Phone has established huge potential within a short period of time. It gets the success to grab the attention of Smartphone users. Our extensive windows app development services and solutions assist our clients to expand their online presence over Microsoft's mobile ecosystem. Our experienced windows app developers assist enterprises to drive maximum ROI and capitalize on increased sales opportunities. There is certain bunch of features acquired by windows phones to achieve some massive business solutions..

Hire dedicated Windows developer from Evince to design and develop the Windows phone application to meet all possible interaction and data exchange what client want. We provide a transparent and collaborative development process to their clients all over the world. We can help you to turn your concepts & ideas into reality by rendering high quality and affordable Windows phone apps for businesses.

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What is Windows Platform Application Development

Windows Platform Application Development is a platform application architecture created by Microsoft and was introduced for the first time in Windows 10. The reason for this software platform is to help create all-inclusive applications that keep running on Windows 10. It bolsters Windows application advancement utilizing C++, C#, VB.NET, and XAML. Windows Platform enables developers to create apps that will conceivably keep running on various sorts of devices.

Windows Phone Application Development

why choose Us ?

We at Evince Development, specialize in developing innovative and robust Window applications. With our profound knowledge of development processes, we deliver comprehensive windows mobile applications catering to diversified business needs of our customers.

KEY BENEFITS OF Windows Platform App Development

  • Effective Development

    Developers can make versatile Windows 10 applications which will automatically adapt to devices’ configurations

  • Support API’s

    Windows OS has come up with a single core version which support a set of API’s for most of the devices

  • Programming Languages

    Support all technologies such as Visual C++, C#, Visual Basic and JavaScript

  • Better Administrator

    Administrator doesn’t need updating different versions of their application for various device types

  • Geographical Navigation

    Local and location search access via GPS and Navigation apps

  • Security

    Managed code and CLR offer safeguard features such as role-based security and code access security

Windows Platform App Development Services

  • E-learning Application Development
  • Restaurant Management Application Development
  • Sales Force Management Application Development
  • Social Networking Application Development
  • eCommerce application development
  • Product Catalog Application Development
  • Business Travel and Tourism
  • Travel and Tourism Travel and Tourism
  • Health Care Development Services