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Windows Mobile App Development

Evince provides the Window App development services and are early adapters of Windows 10. We are well equipped to address the market demand for Windows 10 Metro Style Apps by leveraging resources trained in the competencies of Metro App development and have experience working with Windows 8 Development Tools.

Windows Application development with its 10th version has come up with a new user interface based on Microsoft’s Metro design language. The interface is a personalized layout with clean typography and animations which brings whole new look and feel on a variety of devices such as desktops, tablets and Smartphones.

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    What is Windows Mobile App Development

    Windows mobile app development starts with API access. Tools, such as Office 365, and Platforms, such Azure, come loaded with APIs that can be incorporated into any platform app development. Windows app has a CAB file which contains the whole source of application. It also provides an incredible platform to develop next-gen apps with modern web standards.

    Windows Mobile App Development

    why choose Us ?

    Evince is a leading Application development company having a certified team of skilled Windows Mobile Developers. Our programmers have gained expertise in developing various eCommerce websites. They are well aware with popular platform trending in market and comes up with a best possible solution.

    KEY BENEFITS OF Windows Mobile App Development

    • SEO Friendly

      SEO optimizations and techniques drives traffic to your site

    • Operating System

      Windows Operating System makes task simple and convenient

    • Customized Software

      Level of customization possible

    • Secure

      Have security measure and features to ensure security

    • High Productivity

      Apps are made with shortcuts for easy and quick access for daily tasks

    Windows & Windows 10 Application Development Services

    • UI Design and Implementation on Windows 10
    • Windows Application Development
    • Windows 10 Application Development
    • Window 10 Store Application Development
    • Windows 10 Cloud based Applications Development
    • Application Porting/Migration for Windows 10
    • Windows 10 Social Networking Applications Development
    • Navigation Application Development on Windows 10
    • Windows 10 Apps Integration with Third-party Tools
    • Hire Windows Developer
    • Cross-platform solutions for desktop, tablets, & mobile apps
    • Modern UI applications
    • Live tiles
    • Notifications
    • Camera
    • Geo-location
    • Sensors
    • Gestures & multi-touch