As a reliable technology partner that has strong domain expertise and experience with proven track record in travel and hospitality. Evince’s IT support for end-to-end travel and hospitality solutions creates a competitive edge that sets our clients apart from their competitors.

To be competitive, a business owner in the travel industry has to be attentive to the involvement of the latest technology. IT partners like Evince is playing an important role to get it done properly:

  • Building inventive travel and hospitality solutions at ease

  • Providing optimal, high standard and burgeon travel solutions

  • Technology supports for your operation to accelerate and speed up the market

  • IT solutions to our clients that help them able to move quickly and easily

  • Helps you minimize the IT operation costs

Evince helps travel and hospitality businesses to deliver the experience that their customer needs quickly and efficiently. Understanding the customer need and implementing a smart solution is our prominent passion.

By working on real time challenges, Evince has placed itself as a prominent player in the travel and hospitality industry. We help our customers in optimizing their revenue by leveraging innovative ideas with smart solutions. Our objective is to render the best feasible solution that matches our customer’s need well-timed and reasonable.

If you are in this industry for years, you certainly need a partner, who can understand and support your IT needs. Evince can be your partner when you need IT support and solution for your operational requirement. When you look for an excellent IT partner, we Evince are that partner for you.

Services Include

  • ERP support

  • Data warehousing - design, development and testing

  • Application testing, integration and performance testing

  • Legacy Modernization

  • Navigation Systems

  • GPS Systems

  • Improved Flight Systems

  • Transaction Processing Systems

  • Pricing, occupancy, and revenue optimization

  • Loyalty program analytics

  • CRM solution for your reservation system

  • Software for travel agencies

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