Transportation and Logistics is one of the fastest growing industries of the world, with estimated worldwide revenue of $4.6 trillion, including air, rail, water, pipeline, courier and warehousing segments.

For any contemporary transportation and logistics company, it is imperative to be on top of the operations in order to stay ahead of the competition. This can only be achieved through:

  • Effective collaboration between internal/external stakeholders and customers

  • Making effective decisions based on real time information

  • Adopting to more innovative and out-of-the-box solutions

By working on real time challenges, Evince has placed itself as a prominent player in the transportation and logistics industry. We help our customers in optimizing their revenue by leveraging innovative ideas with smart solutions.

Over the years Evince has worked with prestigious transportation and logistics companies across the world, helping them by developing solutions specifically designed to overcome the challenges.

We have extensive experience in understanding the needs and requirements of the client and then to propose the best possible solution along with the suitable technology. Our clientele includes a single user who just wants to track a vehicle to an enterprise who wants to manage all the key areas of the business.

Services Include

  • Enterprise Applications

  • Mobile Applications

  • Business Process Optimization

  • Fleet Management Solution

  • Realtime Data Management

  • Route Optimization

  • Realtime Vehicle Tracking

  • Inventory/Stakeholder Management

  • Intelligent Alerts And Alarms

  • Analytics

  • Assignments Planning And Scheduling

  • Contract Management Services

We have experience of using the following technologies to develop the required solutions:

  • Android

  • ios

  • Dot Net

  • Codeigniter

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