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SharePoint Development refers to the framework of web application that was designed by the Microsoft Company some fourteen years ago. SharePoint Development services provide a multipurpose and multi-utility web interface where integration management of content, intranet and management of documents, social networking, commerce and industry intelligence, creating websites for enterprise etc. can take place.

Moreover, Evince being a pro in this field helps in a detailed introspection of all the facts. SharePoint and Office 365 services provide ascendancy, fundamental management and control over the security quotient to operate the ERPs (Enterprise Resource Planning), CRMs (Customer Relationship Management) and APIs (Application Programming Interfaces.)

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WHAT IS Sharepoint development

SharePoint is a versatile development platform for building add-ins and solutions with varying scopes that address a wide range of needs. SharePoint and Office 365 offers a new flexible development model, you can create SharePoint Add-ins that take advantage of standard web technologies, such as JavaScript, OAuth, and OData. It provides you with functionality to interact with SharePoint resources and a wide range of hosting options.


why choose Us ?

Evince is a trusted name in the field and SharePoint solutions of any genre can be provided throughout the year. The web application framework, another apt name for sharepoint services is very user friendly and Evince guides you through with absolute professional ease.

KEY BENEFITS OF Sharepoint development

  • Centralization Administration

    Centralization of information and applications, and the access to the same on a corporate platform of network

  • Enterprise Content Management

    Organize, control content and manage workflows in a more consistent way

  • SharePoint project management

    Because of AAM(Alternate Access Mapping), and the usage of the domains can be done through various URLs, with optional respective authentication technology

  • Securely share sensitive information

    Employees can access interactive Excel spreadsheets which are running on SharePoint

  • Integrated platform

    It provides numerous robust application programming interfaces (APIs)

  • Manage and reuse content

    Content can be prepared and scheduled for publication on specific websites

  • Simple Data Access

    Allows users to create simplified views of complex data without including unnecessary information

  • Cost Effective

    Drastically reduce the cost of SharePoint deployment

Sharepoint development Services

  • Enterprise Content Management
  • Framework Development
  • Business Process Management
  • Document Management
  • SharePoint App Development
  • Enterprise System Integration
  • Custom Applications
  • SharePoint Migration
  • Web Portal Management
  • Testing Services
  • Business Workflow Management and Development
  • Enterprise Search