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Responsive web design concept is spreading rapidly and becoming the norm. Main benefit of responsive web design is flexible to adapt different screens of website or mobile devices. All the businesses are tending towards responsive web design to ensure that the website or web page is optimized for all kinds of devices, operating systems and browsers.

Evince being a responsive website design Company, provides ultimate responsive website design services which identify different browser, device and its screen resolution and displays the website accordingly. Before starting with responsive web development, we propose to know your requirements, understand them properly and then proceed further so as to fulfill the task without any hassles. Once we receive confirmation of your project, then our dedicated developers establish strategy and plans according to your business needs to cater the best suitable solutions for you.

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WHAT IS Responsive website design

Responsive Web design is the approach that proposes the design and development which reacts to the user conduct and behavior respective to the environment based on screen size, platform and orientation. With responsive design devices automatically adjusts to display and the content comes out to be readable with easy navigation as that of desktop versions.

Responsive Web Design

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Evince Development has a team of expert responsive web designers who can understand the entire business strategy and then proceed further with professional website design services. Reach us today to avail this benefit and transform your simple looking website into a creative professional smooth web design with SEO enriched content as well as better CMS to update the content as per the needs.

KEY BENEFITS OF Responsive website design

  • Super Flexible

    Layouts are so flexible that the website can re-arrange automatically depending upon the screen size

  • Consolidating Analytics and Reporting

    Google analytics are optimized to a level that they can handle responsive reporting ,tracking, monitoring and analysis

  • No Multiple URLs

    Only one URL presenting equal good looks on all same devices

  • Easy Navigation

    User friendly navigation to control the bounce rate

  • User Experience

    Responsive design performance and consistent look ensure a good user experience

  • Cost Effective

    Redirecting to only a single URL decreases cost rate when compared to having two separate websites

  • Improved SEO

    SEO optimized content, backlinks and better bounce rate

  • More Mobile Traffic

    Mobile design layout is an important factor that drives the traffic and offers greater efficiency


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is responsive web design services?

Responsive web design services is a clever approach for making websites and applications appealing enough to scale and change their content depending on the screen size of the device. This quickens the development process, manages the project, and improves usability.

How much does a fully responsive website cost?

There are a lot of factors that play a great role in assuming the exact cost of a responsive web design and development. Nevertheless, you can expect to pay $2000 to $75,000, depending on your project needs by hiring a responsive website designing company

How is responsive web design different from mobile-friendly web design?

All screen sizes, including those of a desktop, laptop, mobile device, and tablet, can be viewed on responsive websites. On the other hand, mobile websites are made specifically to fit mobile screens. A mobile website needs more development time but they gets load quicker to deliver amazing UI.

How do I find a website designer?

Additionally to find a website designer all you need to make a blueprint with a few focal points as:

  • Your expected budget
  • Required designing tool and technology
  • Color theme that suits your products
  • Creativity and finishing level of the designer
  • Prior designing Portfolio
Why responsive web design matters?

Today, having a responsive website is more important than ever, as it offering the same user interface to desktop and mobile consumers. As a website may be built using responsive design so that it automatically adjusts its elements and information to fit the screen size being used to see it.

What considerations are there in hiring a skilled responsive web designer?

While hiring a skilled responsive web designer, must check the following assets:

  • On which designing tools the designer has sound expertise?
  • How creative thinker the designer is?
  • Look out if the designer has any alluring work portfolio.
  • Check out how long the designer is fond of designing.
What’s the difference between responsive and adaptive design?

Depending on the screen size of the device being used to view it, a responsive design can alter its layout and appearance, from a huge desktop computer to a small mobile phone. Because the layout adapts in the flow regardless of the device being seen, responsive design is fluid. A new layout must be made for each device the website will be browsed on in order to use an adaptive design. Since the website is offering something different that depends on the device or browser being used to view it, adaptive design automatically snaps into place.

How do I know if my website is mobile responsive?

There are many online tools available on the internet that assist you in checking if your website is responsive or not. You can also manually check it as well by looking into the following;

  • Regardless of the various browsers and platforms, are all the links and URLs verified to be the same?
  • Does your website render differently on different platforms?
  • If the screen resolution changes, does the dynamic allocation of content change as well?
Does the mobile version of my website count as responsive?

Responsive web design is a design that fully meets the needs of users and is displayed without any problems on any type of device and browser. So if your website delivers the same UI every screen size, then it will be counted as a responsive website.

How long does it take to make my existing website responsive, and how much will it cost?

Additionally converting your existing website into a responsive website by hiring expert designers and developers from EvinceDev takes a time duration of approx 8 to 10 hours along with a cost of $200 to $1000. The cost depends on the complexity and available data of your website.

If I make my website responsive, will it open with older devices?

Definitely!! A responsive website is all about providing the same user experience of the website layout hence of course your website will open and access with the same functionality on your older device.

How do I make my website responsive on all devices?

In order to make your website responsive for all devices, you merely need to take the assistance of a top-notch responsive website designing company like EvinceDev.

Does Google prefer responsive websites?

Yes. Every individual across the globe uses devices or gadgets with different screen sizes, and therefore Google supports and prefers responsive websites.

Why choose EvinceDev for responsive web design services?

EvinceDev is a bunch of smart, creative thinkers, responsible, well-skilled, experience designers, and friendly-communicative teammates and these are the focal reasons to choose us as your responsive web design service partners. Connect with us to learn more about us.