TranScan Application (TSA) is a new and fresh approach on Logistics Management. TSA is a simple yet powerful way to track the delivery of goods and services associated with them. TSA will help its users seamlessly manage orders received from various customers, create an assignment with group of orders, and, also assign vehicles and drivers and track them in real time.

  • Built for: Web
  • Technologies: .NET Technologies
  • Industry: Transportation Transportation


  1. Dynamic file-mapping for push orders to the database
  2. Order File Management
  3. Service Management
  4. Tour Management by checking driver availability
  5. Google Map Integration
  6. Offline Delivery & Barcoding
  7. Chat Management
  8. Push notification feature

About TranScan Application System

TSA is a SaaS based Logistics solution provider. This application provides easy solution for the management of goods delivery services. The application also facilitates the admin to send real-time notification to the drivers regarding any new assignment even when they are offline.


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Additional Beneficial Features

TSA is a paper free digital solution which also helps to save the environment. It automates the Logistics process and can manage all the logistic related activity thereby decreasing the operational cost. The application can also function offline.

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