Legistracker is an application built to track your state legislative bills. It also offers the services like generating charts, writing customer analysis and reports. The application is easily accessible through desktop, iPads, and tablets

  • Built for: Web
  • Technologies: .Net Technologies
  • Industry: Finance and Legislation


  1. Effortless bill organizer
  2. Client access to view their tracked bills
  3. Highly secured data
  4. Staff bill analysis
  5. Custom report generation
  6. Collective bill report export
  7. Calendar tracking

About the Company

Legistracker was created to make bill tracking simple and easy. It has made it easy for the financial advisors to manage their client through easy reporting, quick bill tracking, and flexible pricing. The software is easy to use with simplistic design letting it clients to be independent. Legistracker is providing its clients with reliable tracking services, affordable scalability, and outstanding customer support


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Additional Beneficial Features

The software not only helps you to manage all your client’s bills with ease but it also helps you to keep a track of daily program and provides updates straight to your inbox.

Legistracker is a complete solution for easy online monitoring of all aspects of your chosen legislation.

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