Koolfly is an eCommerce website acting as an ultimate fashion destination for men and women clothing and accessories.

  • Built for: Web
  • Technologies: Magento Technologies
  • Industry: Fashion & Lifestyle


  1. Multilingual website
  2. Offering key pieces from 180 designer brands
  3. Easy search option on basis of brand name
  4. Quick order tracking facility
  5. Multiple payment options
  6. Secured payment transactions
  7. Exclusive registration rewards
  8. Category based search
  9. Daily newsletter

About the Company

Koolfly is an eCommerce built on Magento. It is the hottest fashion destination for everyone offering latest fashion and style trends for online shopping. It features designer outfits and accessories of over 180 brands. Koolfly was developed by Enovaway based in Greece offering multi-dimensional services.


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Additional Beneficial Features

Koolfly is not just an another online shopping store, it is an ultimate fashion experience. Apart from offering a line of branded clothing and accessories the website also offers its customers with glamorous

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