CCcure Engine

The main aim of the project is to help users practice for their certifications by generating quizzes that mimics the real time exam, both in terms of content and questions.

  • Built for: Web
  • Technologies: PHP CodeIgniter Technologies
  • Industry: Education Education
CCcure Engine


  1. Generate/Resume quiz
  2. Quiz Track and Report card functionality
  3. Statistics of the student
  4. Responsive website
  5. Easy payment options with PayPal integration and credit card payment
  6. Separate Logins for Front End users and Admin
  7. Dynamic Role and access management for users
  8. Dynamic content managed by admin
  9. Added functionalities for homework management
  10. Batch management and user management
  11. Integration with Zen desk and adds Management
CCcure Engine

About CCCure Quiz Engine

The goal of CCCure is to provide Quality resources at a just price. The website has questions and answers with their thorough explanation. The subscribed users get the access to all of the site content for every certification available within the quiz website. The content of the website is revised and updated constantly. The registered users can also add questions, which once approved by the admin is available for the quizzes. The website can also be used by educational institutions or trainers through bulk accounts.

CCcure Engine

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Additional Beneficial Features

CCCure is helping educational institutes and individual users by providing online educational content to the students remotely thereby helping them to establish their career. The quiz track and the report card functionality help the students to gain insights about their expertise the areas of improvement.

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