ASAP is an application supporting immediate and effective delivery of packages. The application has two different panels built for the customer ordering the product and for the carriers bidding for the delivery services.

  • Built for: Web
  • Technologies: .NET Technologies
  • Industry: Transportation Transportation


  1. Easily Accessible Separate Mobile Application for the Customer and Carrier
  2. Fully Responsive Web Application for both the user (Customer and Carrier) with the latest browsers compatibility
  3. Robust and Scalable Backend Admin Panel
  4. Multilingual Interfaces in Norwegian and English
  5. Multicurrency Feature with base currency Norwegian
  6. Currency Conversion rates updated automatically
  7. Package Tracking Feature Navigation using Google Map
  8. Facebook API Integration
  9. Chat Functionality between Customer and Carrier
  10. MailChimp Integration for Newsletter

About the Company

ASAP is an application created for the MAVI APP AS, a company offering a platform that enables people to order transportation and utility services. ASAP offers the cheapest and the most effective of getting anything and everything delivered without having any intermediately in between.


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Additional Beneficial Features

ASAP has three separate applications based on the user entities: i.e. Customer (web and mobile app), Carrier (web and mobile app) and Back-end Admin (web admin panel), with a centralized login. The application also offers a chat service between the customer and the carrier. The Tracking service is also integrated in the application with live updates about the location of the carrier with the help of Google Maps.

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