All Good Scents

All Good Scents is an online store offering a wide range of treasured fragrances and versatile perfumes to its users.  It is the first Indian contemporary perfume brand. Users can purchase perfume bottle, samples and gift packs over the website.

  • Built for: Web
  • Technologies: Magento Technologies
  • Industry: Retail
All Good Scents


  1. Fast and easy checkout
  2. Customization of gift box/scent box
  3. Quick registration process
  4. Easy access to order history
  5. Discount on first purchase
  6. Category based search option
  7. Blog integration
  8. Chat integration
All Good Scents

About the Company

Finding its inspiration from modern French perfumes, All Good scents in the first contemporary fragrance house in India. All Good scents are offering a premium range of perfumes for men and women. All Good accents are the result of compilation of inspiration and dreams of Mr. Rajiv Sheth, the nose behind the brand. All of their perfumes are blended by a very reputes fragrance house in Grasse.

All Good Scents

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Additional Beneficial Features

All Good Scents offers a range of fragrances for its registered as well as guest users. The website is easy to access and also offers a discount on the first purchase. All Good Scents also provides free delivery services across India on any purchase. Various blogs posted on the website provides its users with an insight into the industry.

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