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On-demand solutions for your entire business needs

Experience the potential of on-demand solutions, which serve 22.4 million customers yearly and generate $57.6 billion in revenue. Now is the chance for businesses to reap the benefits of the ever-changing on-demand economy with one of the best Industry experts for building On-demand solutions for Startups, Small & Mid-scale businesses.

On-demand app solutions are becoming increasingly popular. To stand out in an extremely competitive market, you'll need top-notch solutions. EvinceDev is a professional application development company that specializes in providing clients with high-quality, customized solutions.

We deliver tailor-made on-demand solutions based on your business needs and market demand & integrate years of our experience working in wide range of industries such as Restaurants, Grocery, Bakery, Liquor, Travels & Hospitality and Pharmaceutical. At EvinceDev, we employ cutting-edge technologies to make efficient and one-of-a-kind apps. Throughout the development process, we keep the needs of our clients in mind.

Collaborate with us to take advantage of the booming on-demand economy and give your company a new dimension. We guarantee to help you reach a larger audience and increase revenue as a professional On-demand app development company.

Bringing The Revolution to On-Demand Industries

To take the next step, each on-demand solutions company should be on top of its operations. It can only be achieved by:

  • Integrating appropriate choices based on the market research

  • Using more unique and unconventional solutions to solve customer problems

  • Building On-Demand Service Apps with A Smart Modular Approach

Services Include

Seamless Order Module

It is essential to assure that clients have a positive experience with no hassles while placing the order and our high-end User experience helps users to find what they want to order & order it seamlessly.

Order in Seconds

Allow consumers to order on-demand services with only a few clicks, regardless of time or location.

Updates Via Message or Calls

Leverage customized on-demand app development to engage customers and provide them with real-time updates via phone calls and messaging.

Delivery Status

Our on-demand delivery app development is entirely focused on providing smooth delivery services that meet the needs of the consumer.

Delivery Schedule

It's simple to get order status and updates with a well-designed on-demand delivery app, ensuring that all features are covered.

Track your order

Allowing customers to track where their order is & get constant updates.

Delivery Management Application

A separate mobile application for Delivery people to accept deliveries of multiple orders, reach at their right location on time and provide a seamless experience to customers.

Intuitive Admin Panel

Manage your multiple business locations, operations, customers, orders, deliveries, payments, delivery people, contactless service offering all from an efficient Admin Panel.

Digital Payments Options

On Demand Apps implies that users have access to safe and secure payment methods & pay online along with the option for Cash on Delivery.

Powerful Analytics

To help you find opportunities to expand your on-demand business, get real-time information and create sales reports.

White Label & Customization

Get an on-demand service with your identity and branding, as well as custom features and integrations.

Third party CRM, ERP & Shipping integration

Helping streamline your business operation at one place via integrating CRM, ERP, Shipping, and Other third-party applications.

Stunning User Experience

User experience helps to increase your conversion ratio and provide an easy to use interface for the customers.

Multiple Promotional Offers

We provide a high-end customizable product that helps you differentiate from the market at an affordable solution for your On-Demand business with the extra benefit of Multiple Promotional offers.


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