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Nigeria: economic giant of Africa

Nigeria is an African country located on its western coast. Officially, Nigeria is a democratic and secular nation. Due to its large population and economy, the nation is also referred to as the “Giant of Africa.” The official language used in Nigeria is English and the most of the population belong to either Christianity or follow Muslim religion. Nigeria has a mixed economy emerging market and ranks as the 20th largest economy of the world which is worth more than $500 billion. The country has large deposits of petroleum and natural gases. The large population of the country plays a very important role in the technological advancement of the Nigeria.

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Joel Adi

Joel Adi

Acquiring an experience of 20 years, Joel mastered Project Management, ICT Infrastructure Implementations, Business Analysis, Training and Software implementation principles. For this concern, he has consulted and setup networks for small, medium and large scale companies using Microsoft Technologies. He has a vital contribution in the setup of Active Directory network infrastructure for Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) and Nigeria Financial Intelligent Unit (NFIU).
Areas of Expertise

Project planning and management and Microsoft Technology Expert