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Netherlands: 4th largest exporter of IT services

Netherlands is the most densely populated country in Europe. The country follows Calvinism and has an Egalitarian culture, where Respect is earned on the basis of Educational and Professional merits. Being the most connected country in the world, Netherlands has nurtured an excellent biome for high tech innovation and development. With a pool of highly educated tech-savvy experts, an open corporate business culture and a unique ecosystem nurturing growth, many booming technology hubs can be found all across the Dutch province, thereby making the country “The New Silicon Valley.” Netherlands is the 4th largest exporter of IT services and after BREXIT it is becoming the most opted choice for IT business operation as the country has huge economic potential and is anticipated to remain strong and broad-based in the coming future.

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Rogier Westerink

Rogier Westerink

Co-founder of brand new journey

Rogier is oriented to work towards result. Working for a goal suits him as a commercial entrepreneur. He never seeks online communication as a goal, but as a means to reach the customer's goal. Working from co-creation: together with the client, but also together with experts if the result is greater or faster. He has a good nose for the right people in the right place to achieve results. But above all, he is happy to create things together.
Areas of Expertise

Digital Marketing, web design and development, Social Media Expert