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Mobile Commerce (m-Commerce) App Development

Bring your eCommerce website on mobile by using mobile platforms. The increasing acceptance of eCommerce has provided a strong base for mobile commerce. It brings eCommerce owner closer to their customers through mobile devices. Evince can help you to convert your idea into reality with our m-commerce application development services.

Our complete and synchronized system for M-commerce will provide exceptional potential, greater efficiency and a huge success to the market. Evince will deliver custom m-Commerce solution combined features with your brand. We have team of developers having in-depth knowledge of all frameworks used to build m-commerce apps.

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What is Mobile Commerce App Development

MOBILE COMMERCE is a mobile version of eCommerce web development. Mobile websites and mCommerce apps furnish users with the capacity to shop whenever and anyplace. The comfort of an m-commerce app gives platform adaptability, client adaptable, makes them pleased as well as guarantees client dependability because of the newly discovered simplicity.

Mobile Commerce App Development

why choose Us ?

We at Evince Development, specialize in developing innovative and robust mobile Commerce applications. With our profound knowledge of development processes, we deliver comprehensive Mobile Commerce applications catering to diversified business needs of our customers.

KEY BENEFITS OF Mobile Commerce App Development

  • Strong Connectivity

    70% users are available online and using internet on mobile devices it’s easy to connect them and do commerce transactions

  • Ease to the user

    Mobile Commerce provides the ease to the customers, can search/find thousands of items without any checkout process

  • Easy Accessibility

    User can be contacted virtually any time and place. Responses on emails and customer handling will encourage a customer to change his/her preference

  • Personalization

    It enables and stores personal information like credit card information, customized information, meeting the user’s preferences etc.

  • Time Efficiency

    Users have quick access on mobile which does not require any plugin connections like PC or laptop to load, which saves time

Mobile Commerce Development Services

  • Powerful features to incorporate marketing
  • Support for multiple stores
  • Compatible with various devices
  • Technical Support for multiple online stores
  • Utility App for Wearable
  • Online Shopping
  • Transactional Solutions
  • Business-to-Business(B2B) M-commerce solutions
  • Business-to-Customer(B2C) M-commerce solutions
  • Customer-to-Customer(C2C) M-commerce solutions
  • Informational Service Solutions