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Mobile App Development demand has increased in all organizations. With a smartphone in every other hand and a remarkable paradigm shift of digital presence from mere websites to apps, if you don’t have an application for your business then you might be ignorant of your growth.To meet the demand for mobile app development solutions, we grew into a leading mobile app development company that creates excellent portable applications. It has become a norm to have a mobile app if you want to see your business experience exponential growth and we are here to help you efficiently on this road.

EvinceDev is a leading mobile app development company that develops the most effective, influential, and productive apps for you that cater to the futuristic needs of your audience. The experienced and well-versed developers at EvinceDev develop transformative React Native mobile apps, Flutter apps, iOS apps, Android apps, and custom apps that are sure to accelerate your venture to new levels of success.

Concept, Strategy, Plan, And Action

Our Mobile App Development Services


We have a bespoke team striving to leverage the best mobile app development solutions for your custom iPhone app, ready to deliver excellence and technical finesse.


We are ready to refine your customer experience with custom solutions to your Android app development concerns and explore the growth stations of your business on the digital channel.


We employ the best strategies to develop cross-platform apps to ensure broader compatibility and exemplary user experience.


Experience your dreams coming alive with mobile applications tailored for you using Flutter app development technology.


Get performance that surpasses your expectations and offers impeccable result-driven toward an astonishing digital experience.


Our experts on board pull the most functional and dexterous user interface for a seamless experience with the application and its digital attributes.

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Our Mobile App Development Process

The transparent and agile development process at EvinceDev goes through the journey of intense brainstorming, strategic planning, simple implementations, and rigorous testing. To ensure that our clients receive a flawless piece from us, keep refining and fool-proofing the development process.

  • Discover

    Uncovering the best innovative mobile solutions for your business.

  • Design

    Creating the user-centric UI to transform your business into Digital Enterprise.

  • Build

    Quality Mobile Application Development as per your Business Success.

  • Scale

    Empowering your business growth with the best mobile app development practices.

  • Support

    Providing post-deployment services to troubleshoot all your system related issues.

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Over the decade that we completed mobile app development services, one thing we can boast about is our passion for becoming and delivering the best that our clients can get. From winning awards for our efforts and hearts for our intentions, we keep fueling our passion with innovations and inventions that steer us uniquely from the crowd.

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    Strict Project Management & Quality Processes

Hire Our Expert Mobile App Developers

However big or small it may be, however new and old it may be, your business needs the catalyst of a mobile app, and you need a dedicated mobile app developer for that. Let us join hands to make a productive and happening partnership that can catapult your business to your desired heights.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the steps involved in the mobile app development process?

At a high level, Mobile app developers take significant steps in developing mobile applications that are as follows:

  • Planning and Research
  • Prototyping
  • Design
  • Development
  • Testing
  • Release
  • Maintenance
How much does it cost to develop a mobile app?

In short, based on our extensive industry expertise and years of experience, a basic mobile app development cost ranges from $25,000 to $50,000—an app of moderate complexity on one platform costs between $50,000 and $100,000. Costs for a complex app on a single platform exceed $100,000.

How much time does it take to develop an app?

An app typically takes between 3 and 12 months to build from the discovery stage through design, development, and pre-launch. EvinceDev, a mobile app development company, understands the steps involved in creating an app and that having a massive team doesn't always result in a quicker turnaround. But there's always a way to make things go more quickly.

How do you choose mobile app architecture?

When creating the architecture for mobile apps, there are several crucial things to remember.

  1. Device Type.
  2. Developmental mobile app development frameworks.
  3. Bandwidth Scenarios.
  4. User Interface/ User Experience Design (UI/UX Design)
  5. Navigation.
  6. Push Notifications vs. Real-time Updates.
Will you provide documentation for my solution or mobile app development? Do I own the code?

We offer documentation for your mobile app development solutions if you require documentation. You may use it to define the features, functions, and parameters that must be adhered to throughout the development process. Furthermore, you do not need to own the source code while you are allowed to do so under exceptional conditions.

What are the different features you have integrated into the mobile apps developed by you?

We, a top mobile app development company, always integrate must-have features for a successful, user-friendly mobile app, such as,

  • Simplicity for navigation.
  • Fast loading screens.
  • Good image resolution.
  • Flexibility.
  • Security.
  • Search options.
  • Bright and bold color schemes.
  • Push notifications.
How will you keep me updated on the progress of the project? What If I need any changes in the app or mobile solution?

Our consumers are kept up to date regularly. We go in-depth about each step in some instances while providing some introductory contexts. You may inform us if any flaws or changes need to be made.

Which tools do you use for project management?

Project management isn't about tools, but they may be beneficial. So, the following are some tools we use for effective project management:

  • Budgeting process
  • Project Management Software
  • Work Breakdown Structure
  • Gantt Charts
  • Critical Path Analysis (CPA)
  • Communications Protocol
  • Project Reports
What security measures do you take to keep the app secure and stable?

You must take the following steps to ensure the security of your mobile apps:

  • Source Code Encryption
  • Penetration Tests
  • Secure the Data-in-transit
  • File-Level & Database Encryption
  • Use the Latest Cryptography Techniques
  • High-level Authentication
  • Secure the Backend
What are the best programming languages for building Mobile apps?

For native development, there is no recommended approach. For Android, it's Java/Kotlin, while for iOS, it's Swift. There are several choices for cross-platform development, including Flutter and React Native.

Will you assist me in uploading my mobile app to the App Stores (Google Play Store and Apple App Store)?

We will help you submit your mobile app to Google Play, Apple App Store, and other stores if you meet all the requirements.

Will you provide any support after the completion of the project successfully?

Yes, EvinceDev, a mobile app development company, provides support after completing the project. We deliver on what we agreed on in the project scope while assuring that all acceptance criteria are fulfilled. If you require support, we are always available.

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