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Leverage the Power of MEAN Stack Web Development

MEAN Stack is the modern software stack and a compilation of four advanced JavaScript-based technologies MongoDB, Express JS, Angular JS and Node.js. MEAN provides a full stack web application development environment for building fast, secure and scalable applications using single language across all the layers. Evince provides end-to-end MEAN Stack development services using a clean code base prototyped by MEAN experts for your online business.

What is the Anatomy of the MEAN Stack Web Application?

The MEAN stack application structure is a combination of MongoDB – a NoSQL database that provides flexible data storage layers, Express JS – that standardizes web application development, Angular JS – that allows interactive gestures on web applications and Node.js – that keeps your server running continuously, and together, they form the MEAN stack.


Good Community Support

Cost Effective

Fast and Scalable

One language for all Layers

Uniform Platform

Isomorphic Coding

Supports MVC Architecture

Thrive Mean Stack Development To Enable Quicker

And Glass Case Technical Innovation


Our MEAN experts use MongoDB – a NoSQL database because it stores data similarly to the JSON format. As applications evolve over time, the dynamic schemas inherent in MongoDB evolve along with it.

Express JS

Our developers love to use Express as it is a flexible Node.js web application framework to develop web and mobile applications with a robust set of features for businesses of any type or size.

Angular JS

Our team uses Angular to extend basic HTML functionality to more easily work with the dynamic views inherent in web apps. Angular JS can also be extended easily.


Developers at Evince create server-side Javascript web applications using the Node.js runtime environment. Since Node.js is asynchronous, it is far more scalable than traditional thread-based networking.

Hire Our Expert MEAN Stack Developers

Our MEAN developers are inspired to create awesome experiences using the key principles of Agile. Evince is your MEAN Stack development partner and we strive to build websites and applications that deliver rich user experience and has more dynamic features. Hire our developers to empower your server-side and drive innovative business growth.

Why Choose Evince for MEAN Stack Development?

At Evince, one of the top MEAN Stack development company, our team of dexterous MEAN Stack developers uses state-of-the-art tools and techniques to provide clients the best-in-class and most futuristic MEAN Stack Development solutions at cost-effective rates. Our experienced MEAN Stack developers specialize in building top-line web & mobile applications.

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