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Machine to Machine Communication

Machine to Machine Communication has been with us for a long time. The concept of connecting multiple devices and allowing them to communicate and share data is called as Machine to Machine communication. A very simple example will be the ability to connect a Smartphone or computer to a CCTV and watch the video live or a simple receive and transmit baby monitor.

The M2M communication in context of IoT will fundamentally differ from the way the devices are connected. Traditional M2M communication is based on point to point wired connections; however, IoT M2M depends mostly on internet and transferring data over cloud. This created a chance to transform all ‘normal’ things into ‘smart’ things.

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What is Machine to Machine Communication

As name suggests, Machine to Machine Communication, is a form of data communication that involves two machines communicating or exchanging without human intervention. Changing over to remote has made M2M correspondence much easier and empowered more applications to be associated with it. M2M allows virtually any sensor to communicate, which involves systems monitoring themselves, consequently reacting to changes, with a much decreased requirement for human contribution.

Machine to Machine Communication

why choose Us ?

At Evince we believe in coming up with innovative, new-age, out of the box solutions and methods of approaching age old problems for the client and at the same time our solutions are cost effective too, which when combined with our experience with IoT will certainly help to provide the most feasible solution to the problem in context.

KEY BENEFITS OF Machine to Machine Communication

  • Cost Effective

    Saves you time and cost by improving your efficiency

  • Monitoring

    Involves managing, control and monitoring all system operations

  • Security

    Cover all security measure and patches to maintain data security and integration

  • Scalability

    There is no restriction to the quantity of benefits you can screen

  • Time Tolerant

    Time can be managed as per our convenience

  • Low Power Usage

    Low power consumption

  • Location Specific

    M2M device triggers in a particular area

Machine to Machine Communication Services

  • Real time Vehicle tracking
  • Home appliances management
  • Office management
  • Security
  • Logistics management