Israel: Silicon Valley of the Middle East

Israel is located in the Middle East having a parliamentary democratic government. It is also known as the Jewish state as it was established as the Jewish homeland. The official languages used in the country are Hebrew and Arabic. Israelites pay high value to education and consider it as a fundamental block of ancient Israelites and have a literacy rate of 98%. Israel has a technologically advanced economy backed up by the highly motivated and educated population of the nation. The country is also known by the names like “Start-up Nation,” or “Silicon Valley of the Middle East.

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Dan Bystritsky

Dan Bystritsky

Co-Founder of 200 Apps

Starting as a project manager for a software company, Dan in partnership with Alex, co-founded Starling, a music mobile app, and then launched 200 Apps, one of the top mobile development firms in Israel. Over the past 4 years, 200 Apps has developed and launched numerous apps in the areas of IoT, connected health, consumer and enterprise. Dan is responsible for technology, development, and making sure that 200 Apps is at the cutting edge of mobile design and development. Off to his profession, he is an amateur rock-climber also.
Areas of Expertise

Project Planning, Designing, Quality Analyst