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What is HNDM

Evince eccentric Hybrid Network Delivery Model (HNDM) helps our customers to choose an adaptive strategy best suited to their software services needs. We follow sunshine-to-moonlight approach, irrespective of geographic dispersion and seamless support across all operations. This model is a combination of both onsite and offshore, and results from a reduction in costs and maximized competence. This high-tech working model harnesses the power of local project management/Technical Architect and is crafted in a way to understand your business requirement accurately.

Our onsite team will directly interact with the clients and serve as a Solution architect, program managers, and consultants, as per the project requirements. The on-site team is responsible to design the architect of the project and pitching the best solution to the client. Once the project is in, the on-site team will be direct and one to one contact throughout the course of the project with the client. And so the offshore team will interact only with the onsite team and will provide additional crucial support, thereby reducing costs and implementation time. The best part of the model is it allows for scalability and has enormous operational benefits.

Our HNDM consists of three interwoven components

  • An energetic team of global and local professionals ensuring highly effective and efficient delivery management

  • Senior experienced Solution Architect / consultant available on-site, who has almost 15+ years of IT industry experience

  • A multi-layered technology infrastructure with an interconnected software development network.

Benefits of HNDM Model

  • No Language barrier or Time Window

    Work as per your schedule / convenience without any language and culture barrier

  • Cost Efficacy

    Right-sized mix of onsite-offshore resource allocation

  • Optimum Productivity

    Faster delivery through advantages of time difference

  • Risk Mitigation

    SMART goals achievement

  • No communication challenges

    Visibility and tracking through synced online interactions and template records

  • Increased transparency

    Cultural and lingual exchanges through global channels

  • Agile development methodologies

    Deliver as per quality on time

  • Reach & Frequency

    Deliver solutions to & from multiple locations

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