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Life is precious Digital healthcare solutions

Deliver personalized applications and Healthcare software for the Healthcare Industry at affordable rates. Our Healthcare IT solutions assist you with personalized patient engagement, deliver remote care and collaboration, simplify clinical workflows, workplace efficiencies and enable security & compliance to your patients/clients.

Our experts comply with the regulatory standards in terms of integration, development and implementing the healthy life with the help of booming technologies.

We scale and personalize your model into just a few clicks resulting form. A backbone that guides you through the parameter of trending techs that helps in easy and healthy long living life.

Evince doesn’t just play role in designing and implementing the IT infrastructure system but also understands the importance of security, reliability and privacy that ensure the clients to continue few of the best practices into the Healthcare Industry.

Reshaping healthcare

The digitalization into any sector is like a boom for Provider and Payer both the segments. Into Healthcare sector, it has changed the market from Hospitals and Medical Stores to E-prescribing the treatment. Evince can help in creating an unsustainable Healthcare model into a sustainable condition. Evince as having experience into Healthcare industry has proved the continuous delivery of improvement around the world’s health:

  • Integrating And Surely Storing Electronic Health Records

  • Building Solutions With New Advance Healthcare Devices

  • Accelerate Operational Efficiency And Reduce Risks Of Life

Services Include

Appointment Scheduling

Appointment scheduling apps are business tools that allow clients to book, reschedule, and cancel appointments through a web interface.

Clinical & Health Management

Clinical & Health Management provides individual patient care coordination, patient advocacy support, and healthcare management that ensures accurate clinical data.

Patient Identification

Patient identification solutions allow to access and confirm essential patient information throughout the entire care journey.

Healthcare Information Exchange

HIE provides a mechanism to transfer the patient's vigorous medical information securely with medical data compliances to the authorized endpoints.

Online Medical Consultation

Instead of taking the time and effort to go to a doctor or urgent care center people can now be treated in the comfort of their own homes through the online medical consultation

Electronic Health Record Management

Electronic Health Record Solution for the real-time, patient-centered records that make information available instantly and securely to authorized users.

Smartwatches And Fitness Bands Integration

Effective use of bands provides excellent results in healthcare and offers preventive majors. Watches provide Heartrate monitoring, Blood pressure, Variability, Sleep monitoring, activities details with GPS location, reminder, and alert mechanism.

Medical Transportation

Medical transportation service is scheduled in advance, which enables patients to reach their destination quickly and efficiently.


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