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Greece: Land of mix culture and amazing tasting food and wine

Greece is located on the corner spot between Europe, Asia, and Africa. Influenced by its location, Greek culture is a mix of European and Eastern elements. The ninety-eight present of the nation compromises of Christian Orthodox and the rest of the population consists of Muslims, Roman, Catholics, and Jewish. Greece’s economy is classified as one of the advanced high-income economies. With a workforce of highly educated professionals, Greece’s tech sector is thriving. Apart from the tech industry, Greece’s economy is highly depended on Agriculture, Tourism and Shipping. In 2013, Greece was the 7th most visited country in the EU and the 16th most visited country in the world.

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Aimilia Tsakiri

Aimilia Tsakiri

Aimilia is a co-founder of innosake.com, a data science consulting boutique specialized in e-commerce and digital. She focuses on developing the framework around the AI algorithms that are required to boost customers' performance. With 10 years of experience in e-commerce, strategy operations and project management, she has worked with major international companies and has also been involved in various innovative startups as a mentor.
Areas of Expertise

E-commerce, Data, Innovation through Data