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Secure Governance for All E-governance solutions

Giving the access of Advisory, Implementation and Management services with the convenience of using the registration into any of the Govt. -sectors. Evince can play a major role by dealing and creating a partnership with the technologies for specific business needs, can be a bridge to stay upgraded with latest techs and important trends.

Evince can serve the Government & Public Sector with the functioning of data gathered for multiple purpose by streaming the generated data and fetching the appropriate details into single data base/ application.

Integrating the standardized mode of payment for any financial transaction to process the effective and efficient channel related to legal process, health care, validation authority route, e-identity mode etc.

Evince as having a pool of experience in the same field lead the Government sector complying with the agencies, global, national and regional security standards for serving the citizens into internal departments via secured Web Tech Services.

Reshaping Government & Public Sector

Rapid change in technologies is playing a vital role in relevance, transparency, efficiency, aligning process and improving each day with government technology trends. Evince has helped state and local, quasi, federal – govt. organizations for the improved and well-delivered outcomes by:

  • Evaluating Processes And Transform Them Into Digitalis Workflow

  • User Centric Design Process For All Group Of Peoples

  • Transforming Legacy Processes In Scalable Solutions

  • Securely Storing User Information

Services Include

Workforce Automation

Workforce Automation helps to increase efficiency, productivity, automate the manual processes, speeding the process completion time, managing workforce schedules effectively, and ultimately it translated into lower cost of operation.

Supervising And Tracking Management

Tracking Management ensures easy process monitoring, especially in Government administrative work progress by consolidating all related information on plan/actual and help you detect any delay and improve the supply chain process by solving bottleneck.

Digital Citizenship Management

Digital citizenship empowers people to gain the benefits of digital technology in a safe and effective way

Federal Marriage Registration

An automated process of federal marriage registration for citizens and Enhance service delivery and increase efficiency with search capabilities with cashless payments enabled.

Mobility And Accessibility Of Portal

Through the Mobility and Accessibility of portal helps in improvised access to the government administrative works

Smart City Implementation

Smart city Implementation can create a more equitable environment for citizens and rapid growth in urban populations in upcoming decades.

Automate Immigration Services Workflow

Automate immigration services help in getting desired results, including efficiently managing systems and enabling effective communication.

Secure Information Exchange

Digital transformation strategy involves Secure Information Exchange solutions that help to increase competitiveness and boost response times for significantly improve overall business performance


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