Giving the access of Advisory, Implementation and Management services with the convenience of using the registration into any of the Govt. -sectors. Evince can play a major role by dealing and creating a partnership with the technologies for specific business needs, can be a bridge to stay upgraded with latest techs and important trends.

Rapid change in technologies is playing a vital role in relevance, transparency, efficiency, aligning process and improving each day with Tech-Trend. Evince has helped state and local, quasi, federal – govt. organizations for the improved and well-delivered outcomes by:

  • Investment Planning and Capital control

  • Modules for Agriculture

  • Department of Health and Human Services

  • Department of Homeland Security

  • Department of Justice

Evince can serve the Government & Public Sector with the functioning of data gathered for multiple purpose by streaming the generated data and fetching the appropriate details into single data base/ application.

Integrating the standardized mode of payment for any financial transaction to process the effective and efficient channel related to legal process, health care, validation authority route, e-identity mode etc.

Evince as having a pool of experience in the same field lead the Government sector complying with the agencies, global, national and regional security standards for serving the citizens into internal departments via secured Web Tech Services.

We have experience of using the following technologies to develop the required solutions:

  • Android

  • ios

  • Dot Net

  • Codeigniter

Services Include

  • e-Governance

  • Digital Transformation

  • Budget and Financial Excellence

  • Public Security

  • Migration, Porting, & Globalization




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