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Engagement Models

In today’s market demand for transparent Project development is increasing. Our Engagement Models are defined with keen detailing and keeping in mind the transparent approach required for the shorter delivery cycle.

Evince Development proposes flexible Engagement Models to meet different needs of clients globally. Our Engagement Models are uniquely combined with the necessities required to develop different kinds of projects. You can choose from several Engagement Models which are described below:

Fixed Price Model: (Project Base Pricing)

This model best suits to small-scale and less in complexity project where all requirements are fixed and clear. You can choose this model when your project has all the requirements laid out clearly from the initial stage to the delivery time. Here, client need to provide all the detailed information related to the project, the specifications, and then pays for the project in a predefined fixed amount based on milestone defined.

Advantages you will be having with Fixed Price Model

  • Best efforts for quality solutions within the fixed price

  • Reducing the overall time as requirement are already fixed or there will be bare minimum changes request

  • Peace of mind with fixed requirement and quality delivery

  • On time delivery of high quality products within your budget

  • Greater business analysis and appropriate suggestions

  • Provide low risks

  • Effective communication ensures smooth workflow

  • Win-win solution

Time & Material Model

This is popular pricing model which many clients feel comfortable to deal with. Here, you spend only for what you have consumed. This pricing model is particularly suitable where your projects are complex, lengthy in duration and embodied by unclear specifications, or requires freedom of design and specification changes at mid-project stages. This model also works well in maintenance and support projects, when your project requires R&D, Business processes or workflow not clearly designed or projects have other dependencies. This model gives a lot of flexibility to the clients in terms changing the specification of the project requirements according to the change in market demand and other related factors.

Advantages you will be having with Time & Material

  • You will have lot of flexibility in revising your application in the course of its execution

  • Facilities to Increase or Reduce resources based on requirement and need

  • Optimizing the costs and timelines

  • Effective communication ensures smooth workflow

  • Daily work reports facilitate to provide great control

Dedicated Team Model

The Dedicated Team Model involves when you wish to hire a development team without the need to care about salaries, hardware, software licenses and other aspects of IT infrastructure management. The team which is interviewed and approved by you will work exclusively on your projects. This model is designed to create a framework that ensures successful long-term relationships. This mode of service is getting more and more attention in recent years.

Advantages you will be having when you hire Dedicated Team

  • Skilled professionals working exclusively for you

  • Ability to select, manage and control team members for your project

  • Direct access to each team member

  • Flexible contract terms

  • Higher level of project security control, IP rights protection and confidentiality

  • Negotiable cost depending on your requirements

  • No start up or maintenance costs or taxes

  • Direct contact

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