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Be a witness of the era Digital learning services

In this competitive world – Education was never interesting until the growing market of E-learning entered into the Education industry and started building the bridge between education and the learner.

While understanding the E-learning trend and Challenges, Evince can help the industry getting served from the learning aspect to the Certification including all the other metaphors like Teaching, Attendance, and Appearing for Quiz along with the material for Quiz, etc. into one basket.

With having experience in dealing with Education Industry, Evince can provide the effective IT Solutions in the E-Learning process and can customize the aspects which relatively help in standing out from the bunch of competition.

Evince has worked with a variety of E-learners over the years and can determine the needs of the organization into creating domains, application, software etc. with the customized IT solutions.

Reshaping Education

The Practice of Digital Learning has tremendously transformed Education Industry. With the higher standards and competition of staying a step ahead, Evince helps you club the innovation and education through few of the following moves:

  • Building Solutions For Learners Engagement

  • Reducing The Complexities And Developing Optimal Solutions

  • Tracking Each User Actions And Providing User Centric Contents

Services Include

Collaborative Learning

Collaborative Learning allows creating multimedia presentations, with dynamic slides in which anyone can embed interactive maps, links, online quizzes, Twitter timelines, and videos, among other options.

Cloud base Quiz Management

Cloud Base Quiz Management allows recruiters, trainers, instructors, and teachers in organizations of any size to conduct their cloud base exams in a secure and proctored examination platform.

Customized software for E-learning

Customized software for E-Learning courses creates in the context of lifelong learning and continuous personal and professional development.

Virtual Education Platform

The Professional Virtual Education Platform provides online learning solutions for educators and the educational community.

Collaborative Classroom

Entering into a new school year or semester, or ready to energize your current unit of study, collaborative classrooms help students to prepare for the skills they need today and in the future.

Automotive Process for Campus Placement.

With an online platform for Automotive Process of Campus Placement which connects companies, colleges, and candidates online with each other for campus recruitment automation.

Mobility in education

The Mobility in Education have given rise to newer formats, like blended and flipped learning, that drive student-teacher interaction and make learning more personalized.

Process automation workflow

Process Automation Workflow is a solution that allows in moving each piece of work through the business process electronically and seamlessly, with minimal intermission.


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