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Corporate Social Responsibility is the center for any business to work inside a business domain in a moral way, and to give the world a sound method to develop. Businesses are powerful constituents of society, and we can utilize their power to solve social and environmental problems. We embrace the social responsibility to create a positive effect in the communities in which we work and live. At Evince we indulge in such social accountabilities which rises our sense of duty towards the society. We work on the adage that the energy, and also the assets that have been made accessible to us, are to be preserved no matter what.

Our Endeavors in this direction

Associated with volunteers from social welfares who visit our office to promote education sponsorship programs for under privileged children. Our volunteers take self-initiation for helping these children by regularly contributing.

  • We donate regularly to natural disasters like Tsunami, Flood, and Drought.
  • Visiting care centers during birthdays to spread the cheer around. We celebrate birthdays with them and give them gifts, chocolates and sweets to make them feel happy.
  • Providing or distributing blankets during the winter time and leftover/extra foods to the needy people.
  • Planting trees for green environment.
  • We are moving towards digitizing our documents and records
  • We deliver client’s invoices electronically, and employee pay slips are accessed online
CSR society
  • We encourage our clients to use digital advertising and pull in the results that matter – while staying environment friendly!
  • Our employees carry digital business cards
  • We also encourage all our employees to reduce the consumption of energy by switching off all computers at the power sockets
  • We have set up energy efficient certified equipments instead of old inefficient systems.
  • We lay emphasis on power consumption management keeping in mind the goal to expand effectiveness both at the workplace as well as home.
  • We use recycling equipment and materials for a clean environment.

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