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Bartering is growing in popularity today with consumers and businesses, realizing that it's a great way to budget and a creative way to lower expenses. Trade IT – Barter Marketplace is the American start-up, the entrepreneur and owner have come up with a unique idea of Barter Marketplace web application. Trade IT is an online platform where buyer and seller of the goods & service connect through the web portal from across the united states.

Trade IT – Marketplace is an innovative web platform designed to create an online marketplace for users can buy, sell, or exchange items at ease and better deals. The platform allows the user the opportunity to offer a variety of options including listing fees, featured item fees, or monthly subscription. It gives the flexibility to charge any or none of these fees from your users. The platform supports the most common payment gateways.

Integration of all the possibilities in Trade IT - Marketplace, it provides a whole new way to connect the buyers & seller for barter the goods & services. TradeIT - Marketplace leverages the established user base in online classifieds space and serves as an alternative platform for people to get rid of their old goods, mainly when they are cash-strapped.