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RapNet is the Rapport Diamond Trading Network connecting thousands of the best diamond suppliers and buyers around the world. RapNet is an exclusive professional trading community where members deal directly with each other without any commission or transaction fees. RapNet has its presence in 89 countries, and there are more than 1,586,116 Diamonds trading on the site. RapNet is the world’s largest online marketplace for certified diamonds and reputable diamond professionals.

The buzz of Rapnet is creating a vast market landscape in the diamond business. Before Rapnet, it was challenging to find the overseas client for diamond sellers. Rapnet Diamond Search creates an open the door to spread diamond business more comfortable and faster way. The communication with the client is smooth, and payment has been the breeze because of an accessible platform of Rapnet. Rapnet Diamond Search is for retail jewelers looking to buy wholesale diamonds, obtain diamond pricing information, and showcase diamonds and trade on their websites.

Even if you have the most brilliant or stunning wholesale diamonds pieces, they might go unnoticed if they’re not showcased well. Using this extension, you can showcase your unmarked diamonds globally. Admin can change the slide color and hover color. Customer will be able to filter the options like cut, price, polish, color, etc. and they will get the results based on their selected filters. You can check the proper details of diamond and add the products into the cart then go for proceeding to check out for the same. Buyers and sellers deal directly with each other without any commission or trading fees.