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Qopius is a Paris-based artificial intelligence company that aims to save retailers money lost due to issues with the store availability of their products. They do this using advanced computer vision and deep learning technology to identify products from graphics and text and to precisely determine their sizes.

Qopius Client platform is an automated, secure, and efficient tool for product stock management and alert system. It helps in identifying all availability issues on the shelf then report a task list to store associates to refill the shelf. User can check their product by using planogram and set alert for each product to get notification about the stock update of a particular product by applying the stipulated filters. The integration with the existing Qopius client platform offered a complete solution to serve the store associates. Connecting to the client platform increased the overall efficiency of the process.

Integration of all the possibilities in Qopius Client Platform, identify on shelf product availability and generate a list for actions such as restocking out-of-stock products. Once data has been collected, it can be processed in real-time to provide retailers with analytics they can use to optimize shelf stocking.