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Offerlane is a real-estate web portal, which will serve as an online platform for users who want to either buy or sell their properties in the USA. Offerlane is the vast number of commercial and residential real estate online information service providers offering a suite of features and services tailored to the national and local needs of the property seeker.

In this increasingly demanding scenario for a platform which could help buyers to have a look at the available property listings with all its photographs, necessary specification, and description, Offerlane is an effort to provide such a web interface with some attractive and innovative features using the latest technologies. Buyers need to apply to be able to access the website. They cannot sign up on their own. They need to apply using an online form with name, email, phone, and state interested followed by county list interested. Also, the system will ask questions for relevant experience to prequalify them. After the form is submitted, the system will display the message – "Our representative will reach out to you shortly." Admin will manually approve those data to connect with CRM. After they are manually approved, buyers will receive a link to sign up, choose a password, accept terms, etc.

The foremost objective of this project was to give different visualization styles to the Real Estate Website, which has more features, attractive and sleek design. Offerlane enables the buyers to search for property listings online. The motive of developing this website to design a feature-rich search engine which can search for commercial land/properties an easy task.