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Land-Air Medical Transport Incorporated, a Texas Veteran Owned Corporation, is a versatile corporation that represents and oversees a fleet of independent ambulance companies.

Land Air Medical Transport (LAMT) is a web application, which helps the users to manage medical transportations. By using this application, user can create trips based on call source details and manage trip locations, payment, provider details, and can also schedule a recurring tour. In addition to this, user can manage billing functionalities, for example, pre-auth flow for ambulance and insurance type trip service, generate and send a bill for facility and provider, generate provider remittance report for the current and previous month and generate a receipt for received payment. Also, the user can manage the facility, patient, medical service provider details.

Integration of all the possibilities within the LAMT, it will arrange for a fully equipped ambulance, wheelchair, or special purpose chair with comprehensive state-of-the-art life support equipment to meet the needs of any patient.