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Kallati is an International family with four generations of experience and dedication to the craft of making beautiful jewelry. The Kallati Jewelry brand founded in 1988, New York by Mr. Kallati, who began sourcing, designing and selling fine jewelry to select retailers and private customers across the country with his family in tow. Like each generation before them, the Kallati siblings were immersed in the jewelry business and with their father’s mentorship carry on the legacy. Kallati finely crafts legacy pieces of jewelry for women, by women who understand exceptional quality is a statement of integrity, reflecting equally well on the wearer and maker.

Every piece of Kallati is forged by hand and designed to last for generations to come. The classification of Legacy Quality is made possible due to a critical differentiation, unique to the jewelry industry: the owner owns and manage the complete end-to-end production and process of every piece of jewelry including international sourcing of all our precious gemstones. The website offers the store locator functionality through the store locator extension for Shopify; the customers can go directly to the nearest store to purchase what they want in easy. Website will showcase the various diamond collection with its details.